2048 Is the Game to Play for Some Brain-teasing Fun

The Android store is full of games and interactive apps that come in various packages to cater to all age groups.

New games get added almost every day and only a few of them gain huge popularity because of their concept or the creative thinking that they induce. One such game is 2048.

This is a very recent addition, as compared to other well established games, to the app stores. However, it is very different from the other games in the market. The game, although having a simple layout and interface, is a combination of logic and creative thinking that drives the player to apply his or her brain before playing the next move. Sounds interesting already, doesn’t it? Well, to know what makes 2048 stand out in the crowd, read on.

Game Structure

The game consists of a matrix of size 4 x 4, in which there is just one number displayed initially: 2. The players can move the numbers in any direction – right, left, up or down – and the number will occupy the cell that is the farthest in that direction. The game proceeds with the players merging 2 similar numbers together to form greater multiples of 2. This means that whenever 2 cells are merged, their sum becomes double of the initial number. The main point is that only two similar numbers can be merged together to form a bigger number. For example, a 2 can only be merged with another 2 and not with any other multiples of 2. Now, that surely, can keep your brain cells active for long!

Game Aim

The players who play the game aim to get the number 2048 in any one of the 16 cells. Only when the total reaches 2048 can the game be finished. The game has been designed in such a way that it becomes very challenging and difficult for the players to score 2048, as it requires great precision and thinking to plot and shift the numbers in the right cells to achieve that end. The ultimate goal is to reach the magical number 2048 in any one of the cells.

Why Popular

2048 is a game that challenges a person’s thinking capacity and logical bent in the name of fun and play. It also enhances concentration to a large extent. Much like a Rubix cube, which can be solved only with great concentration and planning, 2048, is also a game which requires the person to think and play. This is not a game for idle gamers who just want amusement, without taxing the brain cells. The added difficulty in 2048 challenges the player to reach the final goal of achieving the number and continue to do so till they succeed.

2048 is one of the top downloaded games of 2014 and is becoming hugely popular by word-of-mouth. Such games demanding genius often capture a lot of young minds. 2048 reassures that all over again.

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