Farmville 2 – Country Escape Will Come to the Rescue of Kindle Users Soon

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Farmville 2: Country Escape, one of the most addictive Facebook games by Zynga, will soon be available for Kindle users.

But unlike its Facebook counterpart, this version of Farmville does not need some serious compatible goodies.

Country Escape on Kindle Now

This popular game had reached its peak with Facebook users glued to their accounts to grow and nurture their virtual farms and animals stretching over the acres of Facebook reality. It proved to be addictive with its bewildering virtual equivalents to real-time farmyard experiences like Barns, Cultivation of Varied Crops, and Farming animal, Farm stocks processing machines or food production directly from their farm outlets. This game taught its users to be patient and consistently careful in order to grow a farm, even if it’s virtual. The due progress in the level helps the users to avail more enhanced and better resources like seafood, minerals, wool and coal etcetera.
This version also does not need the users to request their friends to play for them as it doesn’t need any sharing or contribution to building or building materials. The game has even convinced most of its users to invest in small-time agricultural techniques as well, that is, exclusively for the users who did manage to get off their big screens and feel the nature around them!

New versions of the game had been released on Google Play for Android and iOS devices a month ago, but now it is soon to be out for some Kindle devices including Kindle Fire. Zynga has claimed after its android releases that it will be available on the Amazon application soon in the coming months. Although, as of now, Kindle Fire does not have a proper downloadable version of the game, Farmville 2: Country Escape. But it can still enable some players to plant and harvest their crops but not to access any of the gift tags or other provisions. Zynga has not provided ways to completely support the application on Amazon Kindle devices. But some reports say that WiFi access and latest flash player has to be enabled for them to play the game on their Fire from Amazon Kindle. Newer versions of the Kindle devices come pre-installed with the flash player which equips them to be used as much more than E-book readers.


The Zynga game is supported by a premium payment agency that controls the in-application purchases for user upgrades and such. Developers are finding it a little tacky to counter the countless number of script errors for Amazon Kindle, as of now. The game has been released in multiple languages including English, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Italian, Danish, Chinese, Swedish, German, Japanese, Turkish and Russian and also plans to increase its linguistic capabilities in the coming months. Zynga has also brought forth better crop timings, touch controls, animal interactions and reduced time periods, to ensure that the Android and Mac users to have a better gaming experience. Also, the newer feature of timing your progress by playing the game at your own pace has further eliminated the independence from friends, neighbors and Facebook!

Good Luck to all you Kindle gamers for the Game!

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