Samsung Galaxy Alpha Release Date, Features and Specs

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You must have heard a thousand rumors about the new Galaxy Alpha smartphone coming from Samsung – but now its release date is so close that you will be able to find the truth. We feel that Samsung is taking some risk with the new handset, releasing it on 12th of September – which is just a few days after the iPhone 6 release date from Apple. We can only interpret this one way: we know that the South Korean company would wait if the phone wasn’t good enough to battle the iPhone 6, so we have to expect the Galaxy Alpha to be a ground-breaking device. The pre-orders for this handset start on the 28th of August.

One of the most exciting things about the new handset that Sammy is releasing is the new design: the leaked images of the Galaxy Alpha clearly suggest that we will see aluminum, metallic finish which is very unusual for the South Korean tech giant. The company has been known to stay clear of metal exterior cases – the Samsung smartphones usually come with plastic cases which resemble metal.

The device is set to be a fierce competitor for the iPhone 6, seeing how it is going to be powered by an octa core processor which will be paired up with the latest Exynos chipset Samsung has developed, as well as Mali-T628MP6 GPU. The device will support 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory (unfortunately, the Galaxy Alpha won’t have a microSD card slot – meaning that the memory won’t be expandable). The display seen on this handset will measure 4.7 inches, while the device will come with interesting features like gesture control, fingerprint scanner, Air View and a heart rate monitor. The primary camera will have 12 MP, while the secondary camera will be a 2.1 MP model.

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