3 Features iPhone 6 Come With to Beat All Smarthphones

The iPhone 6’s release date is this year and many people can’t wait to see it finally on the market.

Here are the three features that iPhone 6 might come with, and with which it would beat every Android smartphone.

Mobile shopping using iWallet

This NFC-powered mobile payment might come on iPhone 6 and 2014 iPads. In conformity with 9to5Mac, Apple is negotiating with its partners in order to allow iPhone users to buy goods using their devices, which will act as their iWallet. We might find out more about this at WWDC, which already started.

iOS 8 bringing widgets to your iPhone 6?

At WWDC Apple will unveil their new iOS 8 that will “power” up their 2014 iDevices. Even if the new iOS 8 won’t bring significant changes, like iOS 7 did back in 2013, some users hope that it will bring the most waited feature – iPhone widgets.

Nice, but not very expensive

We already know that iPhone 6 will look great, since Apple really takes care of all its devices when it comes to design.

Even if the iPhones are quite popular, they only take around 15% of the global smartphone market. The rest are Android devices, which come with impressive specs and features whose prices can go down to even $200. However, iPhone’s price doesn’t go lower than $600, which explains the big difference between these two systems.

With other words, the big problem with Apple devices is the high price they come with, and they should think well before they set a price on a new device.

The iPhone 6 is expected to come in September 2014, in two variants of screens: a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch display.


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