Fallout 4 Top Features That Might Be Added

Bethesda hasn’t given us any news about their upcoming Fallout 4 game, saying that they prefer to surprise their fans, instead of telling them how the game will look like, before releasing it.

The fans of the Fallout series and other developers shared what they would like to have on the upcoming Fallout 4 game.

Vehicles you can use

Fallout series lack of vehicles and it will be nice if Bethesda will bring in this game some vehicles you could actually drive. Heck, even riding some horses would be nice!

Multiplayer mode

Bethesda stated in the past that they want to bring the multiplayer mode to their games. Maybe Fallout 4 will come with this new feature, since we all like online games. However, many players are very skeptic regarding this feature being added to the upcoming version of the Fallout.

Make the game more difficult

Fallout series have always been criticized for the difficulty of the game. Many players said that the Fallout series don’t “challenge” the players, and the game can be finished without any problems. John Sawyer, the designer director of Fallout: New Vegas, told “EuroGamer” that he personally worked a lot on the “New Vegas” version in matters of challenging. However, it seems that hardcore players want this game a bit more challenging than that.

Owning a property

Skyrim, in the downloadable content called Hearthfire, got a new system that gives you the chance to buy a house. Maybe Bethesda will introduce this feature to the next Fallout game. We’re sure that many players will love that.

We hope that Bethesda will bring us some news about this game soon, hopefully we’ll hear something about its release date also.

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