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Google Chrome users seem to be having an endless party.

Google has decided to throw a new spanner into the works. Your search and web navigation tools just got new stock. Google Chrome now features Google Chat. Instead of the traditional search algorithm of entering text into the search box and clicking, you can explore the annals of the internet with your speech. It is a revolutionary search option, considering that some people cannot readily type search words due to being handicap or other reasons. You only need to utter a two-word phrase for Chrome to pick up and sift through the colossal amount of content on the internet in seconds.

The Free Chrome Update

The Google Chrome Browser update happened during mid May. It is the first of its kind among the popular search engines. Indeed, the idea could push Google Chrome way ahead of competition although it is still rated above the rest in terms of speed and accuracy. The search mode is commonly referred to as “voice control”. Google pundits call it “hotwording”.

Teething Problems

Users of the new search medium need to realize that, as with many start-up apps, there is still room to polish up some grey areas. Although the Google Chat app sufficiently performs the searches on a general scale, you may experience some anomalies. The Google team is, of course, constantly working on ways to make the search algorithm better every day.

How Google Chat Works

Once you are on a new tab or on the search page, you can issue your search commands. By saying the words “OK Google”, you get the same results as switching on your microphone. The mike icon blinks red to signal you that it’s listening. If you attempt to use Google Chat search app for the first time and realize that the voice is not being picked up, try and reload your search page and repeat the process. You should try and control your verbal exchange with the app because speaking at the same time may cause the app to fail to recognize your instruction and hence display irrelevant results or not pick it up at all.

The Linguistic Challenge

Users who have used the application have reported a significant amount of contextual intelligence in the Google Chat functionality. In fact, the app is able to recognize long word strings you would have expected it to miss. Yet, there will be more linguistic challenges that the developers will have to contend with. For instance, there is a common problem with most voice recognition softwares when it comes to certain expressions and uncommon words. Synonyms, homonyms and homophones could pose a challenge in realizing a highly effective Google Chat app that works without a hitch.

The Subtle Points to Note about the New Google Chat Search Option

Apart from the issues that arise from the use of homophones and the like, you have to ensure that your articulation of the search terms is clear. Users with a strong accent from other languages will certainly find it a hard nut to crack. If English is not your first language and you have not increased your proficiency close to that of a native speaker, you are better advised sticking to the traditional text search modes.

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