2048 – Here is the New Addicting Game to Try

Are you getting tired of your game and are you in the mood for something new?

Maybe you want to take a break from endless running or match-three rule kind of game. We have the perfect alternative for you. 2048 is the new addiction many people have been talking about. It’s very different from your other favorite mobile games but it can definitely fill their shoes in the addicting department. 2048 is a board game with a twist. The twist is that you need to slide the tiles to form the elusive number 2048.

How does it Work?

The game will start with a single digit in a tile which is the number 2. Slide the tile in any direction and a new number (still number 2) will appear. Continue to multiply the numbers until you reached 2048. It’s simple and yet it’s captivating. You will find yourself playing for many hours and sometimes you will stay up late just so you can achieve the desired sum. However, it’s not like other mobile apps that can easily make you feel frustrated. 2048 is addicting but it also makes you think.

Get a Good Strategy

With 2048, you just don’t slide and slide and see what happens next. It requires you to think and form a strategy. It is not based on luck. If you can’t form a good strategy, you will have a hard time completing your goal. Thinking about your next move is crucial because it affects the ones that will follow. However, one wrong move or a wrong strategy and you won’t come up with 2048 anymore, no matter how hard you try.

A Trick that Works

If you want to do good in 2048, you need to learn a few tricks to help you. Finding them online is not difficult since so many people want to learn a few tricks to help their game. One trick that you need to know is to choose a corner where you will form the end result, 2048. Once you’ve picked out a corner, make sure that you stay and make use of that corner at all cost. Remember to build the highest number on this corner and it can’t be on any other tile.

More Tricks

In relation to the corner strategy, more tricks include “protecting” the value in the corner by surrounding it with tiles that have values so that it won’t move from its place when you’re moving the rest of the tiles. You also need to direct the tiles in one direction as much as possible. As an example, if you chose the lower right corner, the only direction your tiles need to make is left. Don’t move the tiles to the right because your protected corner might be compromised.


On some occasions, this strategy won’t work. You might be in a situation where there’s not enough tiles to surround your corner and you have no choice but to change your direction. This trick is a gamble and you might have to start from scratch again, but once it has been worked out, you will definitely feel the elation that comes only from winning the game.

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