NFL: National Football League – All You Need to Know

National football league is one of the biggest football leagues in North America that comprises of over 32 teams.

Formed back in August 1920, it remains till date one of the biggest sporting games in America as Americans sit glued to their TV sets or in the field to catch the adrenaline pumping action of these games. Of all the different professional sporting leagues present in the world, NFL has the highest attendance of all times.

Why is it so famous among Americans?

It is hard to pinpoint the exact reason as to why National Football League is so popular with Americans, but there can be various reasons for the same.

Play hard, win fair

Basically, the NFL isn’t just another game. There is hardcore action as players really push hard to make the cut. The kind of raw action that you get to see, the never say die attitude, the hard hitting moves and a volley of other points makes this game the best that Americans could hope for.

Apart from this, the type of hype that is often generated when the super bowl is played is incomprehensible. Americans just like to have their own version of football and the kind of paparazzi and fanfare that is associated with the NFL along with the fervor makes it one of the top games.

Football: worldwide perception is different with Americans

While the rest of the world believes that football is a game meant exclusively to be played by using your feet, American play the ball game differently. They are of the opinion that any game must need hands as well, so that one can display full aggression and NFL allows the players to make full use of both their hands and legs.

Differences between Rugby and American football

Rugby and American football are pretty different as there are various striking differences between the two.

American football involves two teams comprising of 11 players each. The games can get pretty intense as players fight hard to make things work. Rugby is often considered by most people as a blend of different games. It has a little bit of American football, some parts of soccer, and even a touch of baseball as well. In rugby, there are 15 players in each team and the duration of the game and the overall dynamics differ substantially too.

The rules and game play

When it comes to the rules of the game, there are different sets of details that you have to be familiar with. When you are playing NFL, the game is divided into four quarters of 15 minutes each. There is an intermission after the second quarter. The game allows unlimited substitution of players as 3 to 6 referees supervise the game.

Within 4 downs, the ball must be moved at least 10 yards. If a team fails to do so, the other team will get the chance to do it. If the opponent succeeds in doing so, it will get another chance to push the ball even further 10 more yards. You have to try and push the ball towards the end zone of the opponent in order to clinch the game.

There are various rules and restrictions that are a part of this game and despite that, the kind of raw power, and the adrenaline thumping action that one can get to see in this game is amazingly impressive. When the NFL season is on, either most Americans tend to be glued to their TV sets or they can be found seeing the action live on the ground. The rage of NFL has always been whopping and massive and the popularity is not going to die anytime soon.

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