Clash of Clans – Best Tips To Smash The Competition

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Where are my troops?

Many people who start playing this game wonder where do their troops go, if they don’t die in battles. In Clash of Clans, all troops are lost after a battle, no matter if they die or not. So think twice before training your troops, keep in mind that once they will be in a battle, they will not return home.

What kind of soldiers you should send into battles

If you are playing against goblins in single player mode, you will want to test out each new unlocked level with a few troops in order to make an idea on the layout. In time, you will make specific soldiers for every obstacle. After you have an idea on how to attack, you will want to send a high amount of troops in order to destroy your enemy’s village fast and easy.

Three stars

To get a three stars award, you will have to destroy the enemy’s village by 100%. You will get some nice bonuses for this too.

Offensive or defensive?

You will need a bit of both. It’s useless to have an army that can destroy a village when you don’t have defensive troops back at home. If you are going only offensively, the first player who will attack your village will win the battle and you will lose a good amount of Elixir and Gold.

Clearing stones, trees and trunks

You will want to clear your map of stones, trees and trunks in order to have space for the new buildings. Keep in mind that this will cost you elixir or gold and the bigger the object is, the more elixir or gold will be required.


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