Candy Crush Saga – the Delicious Game You’ll Literally Drool Over

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Ever since the ascent of a variety of games on social networking websites like Facebook, developers have continually tried to produce addictive games for people.

One such game that promises to take you away from your reality into “the sweetest world”, as they claim, is Candy Crush Saga. Undoubtedly, Candy Crush has proven to be the sweetest game ever with loads of different colored candies like red jelly bean, the orange lozenge, the yellow lemon drop, the blue lollipop head, and the purple cluster for you to play with. Each level requires you to match at least three similar kinds of candies to pop them out (and into the player’s mouth as one would imagine). The obstacles are equally inviting, like liquorice swirls, chocolate and jelly.

Did You Know

Here are some interesting facts about the game that has hits all over the virtual world.

It is a match three puzzle game released by the developer King in 2012, with support for both Facebook and Smartphones, as a variation to their web browser game going by the name of Candy Crush. It surpassed Farmville on Facebook as the most popular game ever, with a startling 46 million average monthly users. The game has been installed 500 million times across Facebook, iOS, and Android devices as of November 2013.

A heavy game that is constantly updated, it consists of 590 levels with an average of about 15 levels in each of the forty episodes. A recent update has been made by introducing a new mode called “DreamWorld”, consisting of 290 levels with 20 episodes. This new mode consists of an additional challenge to the puzzle which requires the user to maintain the balance of a moon shaped scale. Candy Crush Saga consists of many characters, from the savior Tiffy or Toffette who set out to rescue the residents of Candy Kingdom, a guide called Mr. Toffee, the “feathered friend” Odus the Owl, and the character with a dark side, Bubblegum Troll.


The game has been in controversy for using techniques that make the game addictive, with a cycle of chances, risks and rewards. It is this unique character that has made it so popular among commuting users and has attracted the attention of many committees that set guidelines for game mechanics. The game was also in controversy with Apple floating news of blocking games that encourage in-app purchases or promotion of games released by other developers. Candy Crush Saga generates its revenues from similar in app purchases like making the player watch an app advertisement or making an app download before advancing to the next level.  It also makes players send requests to at least three friends or make use of Facebook credits for unlocking new levels or episodes.

All in all, Candy Crush is a game which is unique in its presentation, which offers a variety of candies and deceptively easy levels, weaving a story along the way with many characters that keep the player hooked to his or her mobile screen!

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