LG G3 vs. LG G2 – Price, Features and Specifications Comparison

When LG released LG G2 in August 2012, the smartphone was declared to be one of the best Android smartphones in the market.

Less than a year later, LG G3 was launched in the market. When LG G3 was released, LG announced that some interesting updates were made to LG G3 that were lacking in LG G2. Priced at almost double the cost of LG G2, the new LG G3 has been rightly considered as a high-end smartphone. Both smartphones are available in black and white colors. The following article highlights some of the key similarities and differences between the two successively launched smartphones in the LG G series.

Dimensions and Weight

The LG G3 smartphone is undoubtedly and visibly larger and wider than LG G2, its predecessor smartphone. However, both the smartphones are of the same thickness. While LG G3 weighs slightly more than LG G2, the difference is very marginal and not very noticeable. In fact, the smartphones feel more or less the same when held in hand.

Verdict: Ergonomically, the LG G2 phone feels more comfortable to hold and operate with one hand. However, handling the LG G3 smartphone does not pose much of a challenge either. Thus, both smartphones can be considered to be at par, as far as their size and weight are concerned.


The LG G2 smartphone consists of a non-removable back cover that is made of plastic. On the other hand, the back panel is removable in the case of LG G3 and is made of faux metal. Thus, while the back is still plastic in LG G3, it gives the smartphone a metallic feel and renders a bolder look.

Verdict:The LG G3 smartphone wins over LG G2 with its classier and more elegant appearance. Also, the removable back cover makes LG G3 more flexible than its predecessor.

Screen Display

Due to its bigger size, the screen of LG G3 is larger than that of LG G2 by nearly half an inch. A striking similarity is that both LG G2 and LG G3 utilize the same IPS LCD display technology. However, it is important to note that the LG G3 smartphone features a Quad HD IPS display that results in producing a resolution that is four times that of a usual regular HD display. Needless to say, LG G3 features a pixel resolution and pixel density of 2560×1440 and 538ppi as against the pixel resolution and pixel density of 1080×1920 and 424ppi in LG G2. However, both smartphones produce 16 million colors.

Verdict: With better pixel resolution and pixel density, the LG G3 smartphone takes the lead due to its ability to produce clearer and sharper images. The larger screen size also makes the LG G3 a tad better choice for playing your much preferred game or watching your favorite movie.


As far as the pixel count is concerned, both LG G2 and LG G3 smartphones rank equal with respect to their front-facing and rear-facing cameras. Each of the smartphones has a 2.1-megapixel front-facing camera that can shoot 1080p videos and a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera. The cameras in both smartphones, feature LED flash and optical image stabilization. The optical image stabilization feature prevents capturing shaky photographs. Additionally, the LG G3 smartphone is equipped with an ultra-fast laser auto focus feature, to avoid delay in capturing your favorite shots, by providing enhanced focusing speed. This autofocus feature can also detect objects clearly in low light situations.

Verdict: With the laser autofocus feature, the LG G3 smartphone ranks a step ahead because it is capable of producing sharper and quicker shots without waiting time.

Hardware Configuration (CPU Processor and RAM)

The LG G2 utilizes a quad-core Snapdragon Qualcomm 800 processor with a clocking frequency of 2.2 GHz, as against the quad-core Snapdragon Qualcomm 801 processor clocked at 2.5 GHz in LG G3. While LG G3 is equipped with a 2GB inbuilt RAM, the LG G3 smartphone is available in variants of 2GB and 3GB RAM.

Verdict: The more powerful processor definitely results in LG G3 having more advanced specs than the previous smartphone model in the LG G series. And the availability of LG G3 with additional RAM of 1GB adds to make it rank over LG G2.

Internal Storage and Expandable Memory

Like most other higher end smartphones, the LG G2 and LG G3 smartphones are available in two internal storage variants of 16GB and 32GB. Additionally, the LG G3 smartphone is equipped with a memory card slot for using a microSD memory card of up to 128GB for expanding the phone’s memory.

Verdict: If you would like to store a lot of media files on your smartphone, the LG G3 smartphone without any doubt would be the best choice for you with its extendable memory option.


While LG G3 has the 4.4.2 version of Android OS, the latest operating system developed by Android; LG G2 functions on the Android 4.2.2 OS that is a previous version. However, you can upgrade the operating system in LG G2 to the latest Android OS. Additionally, both smartphones incorporate the Optimus UI to help you organize your smartphone’s interface, as per your choice. The Optimus UI version of LG G3 is slightly more advanced than the version used in LG G2. This higher version gives your smartphone a better look and also helps you avail some extra features.

Verdict: As far as the operating system is concerned, the upgrade capability puts both smartphones on par with neither of them gaining a victory over the other. But with respect to the Optimus UI, LG G3 takes the upper hand.


Both the LG smartphones provide their users with the standard set of multiple connectivity options. These include Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, GPS and NFC. Each of these smartphones also features a microUSB slot. In addition, the LG G2 smartphone has two other connection modes that are HDMI and Infrared.

Verdict: Unless you plan to connect your smartphone to an external device, such as a television, both smartphones score equal points with respect to the connectivity feature. However, if you do wish to make use of external connection to your smartphone, the LG G2 smartphone is a better choice.


The LG G3 and LG G2 smartphones feature batteries with the same capacity of 3000 mAh. However, it is worth noting that while the battery in LG G2 is irremovable, the battery in LG G3 can be replaced with a new battery of the same type.

Verdict: The ability to remove the battery in LG G3 gives you the advantage of carrying a spare battery with you wherever you use your smartphone. But in reality, the larger screen size of LG G3 results in the same battery life for both LG G2 and LG G3. Thus, neither smartphone can actually be termed the winner.

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