Battlefield 3 Punkbuster Bans Are Being Revoked

If you are still playing Battlefield 3 like most other people, be warned that the newly implemented Punk Buster system has been causing trouble to a lot of players.

A majority of the BF franchise lovers opine that Battlefield 4 is full of bugs and doesn’t offer an optimal experience as expected; which is why they continue to be on the previous version of the game. It is still crowded and servers on the PC version are going great as usual. Electronic Arts is receiving more backlashes than ever because of their inability to satisfy their players and here is another problem that came out of the blue to annoy more people. They incorporated a new system which automatically detects people who use cheat codes and bans them from entering the game again. The problem is that once banned, they cannot be revoked by EA because the control lies with their third party vendor. The system is all wrong at the moment and has banned a lot of people who were not cheating in the game. This lead to an uproar for which the company has issued a public apology and has confirmed that they are working on it. It is expected that they will do the needful and solve the issue soon.

Third Party Tool

The Punk Buster tool is third party software which EA has obtained from their partner named Even Balance. The software is supposed to identify only those who cheat and ban them automatically but it deviated due to some technical issues. Addressing the problem in their press note, a representative from the company in the official blog said, “We are investigating the issue with Punk Buster at the moment. The access to this new tool is not directly controlled by EA but we are working with our partners to get this resolved as soon as possible.”

Apart from issuing the public statement, the company has also provided detailed instructions for Battlefield 3 players to apply for an appeal. The team will forward the same to their partner and it will be scrutinized to make sure that the person didn’t cheat before access is granted to them again. Electronic Arts is also trying to make sure that they don’t allow anyone who cheated, access, just because they appealed, using this system. Even Balance, the partner who handles the Punk Buster is working to fix this error.

More Players

Battlefield 3 was on a great offer in the Origin store a couple of days back. EA promoted it under their ‘On the House’ scheme where BF3 was given away for free, which drastically increased the number of players on board. People who loved the franchise used the offer and even those who don’t enjoy it much, wanted to give it a shot. This led to an increase in cheating, according to an EA rep, but once this problem is solved, a fine game play experience is guaranteed. You will have plenty of people to join you and a lot of empty servers are now filled up. Guess it’s the right time to enjoy Battlefield 3.

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