Apple Maps vs Google Maps – Convenience vs Superiority

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Navigation is one of the most important features of a Smartphone.

All present day smartphones provide a quality experience while helping the user locate the destinations and places that they want to reach. Google Maps was the first in the list to provide this navigation feature in smartphones. After this, there were many developments in the app and many new apps were also launched claiming to have better precision. Some of them are Waze, Map Quest, and Apple Maps etc. Here we bring to you a healthy discussion and comparison between two giants in this field viz. Google Maps & Apple Maps.

Google Maps- an Overview

Google Maps is the oldest and most used navigation app in the world. The app is extremely famous due to the ease of use it provides to its users. The feature of turn-by-turn voice commands to the user further makes it an invaluable addition to the Smartphone. It is well known for providing an excellent precision. People trust Google Maps because it provides accurate details along with providing a variety of other features that help the user. In addition, the developer team of Google Inc. launches timely updates and features after getting feedback from the users to provide better accessibility to the users.

Apple Maps

If you own an iPhone, you need not install any other navigation app on your Smartphone or iPad. Apple Inc. provides inbuilt Maps application which ensures an amazing experience while searching for different places and destinations. The most interesting feature of Apple Maps is that it provides a 3D map view for the prominent cities of the world. The United States of America can be fully viewed in 3D if you are using an iPhone. Due to the record breaking sales of iPhone across the world, the usage of Apple Maps has also reached a record count of more than 35 million in the USA itself which is much more that of Google Maps.

Let’s Look Deep inside

There have been many debates and arguments trying to compare the two applications. Some people say that Apple Maps are better because it comes pre-installed in the new generation iPhones and iPads, hence providing enhanced convenience and ease of access. On the other hand, others suggest that Google Maps is superior because it is handier and provides detailed turn-by-turn voice commands for the destination. Both the apps are good but it’s a case of convenience over superiority.

News and Rumors

There was recent news according to which Google refused to provide access to its voice command technique to Apple for the Maps. After the launch of Apple Maps for iOS 6 in September 2012, the market of Apple Maps has raised significantly in America, surging ahead of the Google Maps market. Despite each other’s vulnerabilities and comparisons, the global public is using both these apps in big numbers depending upon the type of smartphone and their inhabitant country. The number of users of Google Maps is more in count as compared to Apple Maps because of better and detailed navigation. More importantly, not everyone in the world who decides to buy a Smartphone can afford an iPhone!

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