Adobe Flash Player 13 – the Thirteenth Step

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Adobe flash Player has been dynamically changing ever since it was released 18 years ago.

This ActiveX based software has just released its 13th version. This version promises to provide a unique multimedia experience. Several bugs and issues which were raised in some of the previous versions have been taken care of. Several platforms, including Adobe Acrobat Reader and Flash have been updated. This new version is reliable, stable and can work with HTTP streaming.

Towards Improving Security

The major inclusion in the latest version is the security features. It provides enhanced character support for TextField. The developers can now work with a larger code point range. The range now includes several emoticons and other intricate characters. The integration of Flash Player with all other browsers has also been addressed in this issue, thus making it much more versatile than before. Previously, users complained about the erratic behavior of several video format contents. There were vulnerabilities of a potential intrusion or malware attack following a crash. The attacker could gain access to the system. This was a major security issue raised. There have been updates tackling this vulnerability.

Stage3D Anti-Aliasing for Render Texture

When a digital audio or a digital video is sampled for viewing purpose, aliasing can occur, affecting the quality of the video or audio perceived. Anti aliasing improves upon this by applying an anti aliasing filter. A Multi Sampling Anti Aliasing (MSAA) has been enabled with ranges from 0 to 4. This covers a range of anti aliasing from none to a very high quality anti aliasing. This improves picture quality drastically.

The Flashes are Gone

Several users experienced an annoying and persisting issue which made video watching painstaking. They experienced flashes or flicker while using Flash Player objects, such as YouTube videos and videos on other websites requiring Flash Player. This issue was also taken care of in this version.

Video Resolution Issues

Watching videos at different resolutions posed some problems in earlier versions. The same was the case when videos were viewed on different screen sizes. Some of the issues which were experienced included:

• Video was not played at all and it failed to display.
• The colors were all messed up when the resolution was changed.
• Seek/Navigation bar went missing or was displaced.
• The major issue was that the video stopped playing when the resolution was changed. This was a recurring issue while changing to full screen mode.

Besides that, as surprising as it may sound, Adobe also presented a minor modification to the location of full screen video warning box. It is the one which says “Press escape to exit full screen”. It may sound a trivial update, but users’ feedback was paid due attention by Adobe. To quote Adobe: We’ve received a lot of feedback from developers because the dialog obscures content. And they moved the warning box to the top of the screen.

Adobe Flash Player 13 presents the users with a stable HTTP video streaming. Eliminating the issues related to video resolution has led to an enhanced viewing experience.

All in all, Adobe Flash Player 13 is a great version – stable and secure with an enhanced user experience. Keep an eye on further minor updates as well for an improved stability.

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