Subway Surfers – Tricks, Cheats and Tips

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Subway Surfers is one of the many entertaining and fun video games that can be played on Android and iOS devices.

Gamers are challenged to run through obstacles without being caught by an inspector or the dog. Basically, players run around a train yard, running in trains and paint spraying.

Like every other video game, Subway Surfers, too has some tricks, tips and cheats, you can use, to get ahead. With these tricks, you can rack-up scores and maneuver more easily through the train track. While using these tricks, remember that this game is updated from time to time. Therefore, you should keep looking for the latest tips and tricks.

Getting Miami Special Boards for Free

This can easily be done from the time setting in your device. Simply change your device’s time and date to May 30th 2013. Start the game and go to the board sections. You will get your new board.

Jumping High Using a Jetpack

This is a trick that makes it possible for the player to jump really high using a jetpack. The trick is for the player to ensure that he or she jumps at the right time.

Simply locate a jetpack and put it on. Start flying around until the jetpack runs out of fuel; then swipe up, as fast as possible after grabbing every coin. Jump while in the air. There is a high possibility that you will land atop a train.

Purchasing Other Characters This is a gaming cheat referred to as the time travel trick. It makes it possible for players to purchase limited edition special missions and characters. Depending on the character you want to purchase, set the date and time setting to any of the ones listed below:

-Zombie Jake – 3rd October, 2012

-Elf Tricky & Starboard – 1st December, 2012

-Cherry Hoverboard – 27th May, 2013

-Tony & Liberty – 5th January, 2013

-Carmen & Toucan – 30th January, 2013

-Harumi & Fortune – 4th May, 2013

-Roberto & Kick-Off – 28th February, 2013

-Nick & Flamingo – 30th May, 2013

-Egg Hunt & Chicky – 1st March, 2013

-Kim & Outback – 5th April, 2013

-Harumi & Fortune – 4th May, 2013

Making a Jetpack Fly the Same as a Hoverboard

Simply get hold of a hoverboard and switch it on. Once the hoverboard finishes, ensure you pick a jetpack simultaneously. This will set the trick in motion. However, this trick isn’t an easy one and may take some time to master.

Changing the Direction of the Jetpack Smoke

A player will need to use a bouncer hoverboard to successfully use this trick. Simply turn the hoverboard on and pick a jetpack.

Trick: use upgraded jetpacks for a successful trick.

Making the Hoverboard Invisible

For this trick:

Start the game and after a few seconds, die. Just before you die, turn on the mega head start by clicking on it. This allows you to fly backwards. Once you land, you can turn your hoverboard on, which will have become invisible.

Maybe you will require trying the trick a few times before it can work.

Tips for Playing Subway Surfers

  • Ensure you always stay above obstacles. Running atop trains will help avoid obstacles.
  • Familiarize yourself with the different hoverboards and all available power-ups.
  • Always try to get as many coins as possible at the beginning of the game. These make it possible for you to purchase items.
  • Constantly upgrade the sneaker power-ups, the multiplier as well as the jetpacks.





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