Xbox One – Among the Best Games Consoles: Specs, Pros-Cons and Price Review

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The Microsoft Xbox has been a massive success and one of the most popular games consoles ever released.

The latest version, the Xbox one has some really nice features which make it worth buying. This guide will take a look at the specs, and discuss why you might like to buy one. This will help you to decide whether you should buy the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo Wii U.


Modern games consoles like the Xbox One have some pretty impressive specs. The Xbox One is no different, some of the key specs include:- 1.75Ghz 8 Core AMD CPU
– 8GB Internal Flash Memory
– 500GB Internal Hard Drive
– Kinect Sensor
– Bluray Drive

The biggest difference the Xbox One has over the Xbox 360 is that it comes bundled with the Kinect. This is because Microsoft has put a lot of emphasis on motion sensors and playing computer games with your body rather than using a conventional controller. Microsoft seems to have a lot of things planned for the Kinect sensor in the future. The Xbox One is designed to be more than just a games console, Microsoft intend it to be a complete entertainment system for your home cinema system.


– More than Just a Games Console
– Kinect Sensor
– Exclusive Games- Voice Controls

The Xbox One is designed to be the heart and soul of your home entertainment system. It’s an ambitious aim, but it does accomplish it very well. The Xbox One provides a uniformed experience for accessing films, Internet services, games and television. This is really nice because for once it’s a console that you don’t have to hide away. It also means that you should need fewer boxes in your lounge.

The Kinect sensor is Microsoft’s answer for the Nintendo Wii. Originally available as an optional extra for the Xbox 360, it is included with all current Xbox one’s purchased. Instead of holding a sensor, the Kinect works by looking at your body movements using a couple of cameras. The Kinect sensor also adds voice controls which allows you to control your TV without needing to pick up a remote or a controller.

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a Microsoft Xbox over other games consoles is that there are lots of great exclusive games. Perhaps the best known exclusive game is Halo which you can’t get on any other console.


The only real disadvantage with the Xbox is that it is very expensive. That said, it does offer good value for money considering the number of features it actually has. As it is more than a simple games console it might be easier to justify the higher price tag. Obvious disadvantages include being unable to play exclusive PlayStation or Wii U games, but you can’t have everything.


The Xbox one costs around $500, although it is occasionally possible to get some deals if you shop around. Microsoft has recently announced plans to sell the console without the Kinect sensor for $400. Microsoft has also promised to sell the Kinect separately at a later date for anyone wanting to add this feature later on. This may sound like a good deal, however, bear in mind that voice control and motion control will not work without Kinect. You won’t be able to say “Xbox On” and impress your friends!

The Xbox One is the best Xbox console so far. The advanced features, the range of games and the fact that it is a complete entertainment system make it one of the best games consoles that you can buy.

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