Minecraft Xbox 360 – Rolling Out Fixes for a Smoother Gameplay

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4J Studios with Mojang and Microsoft Studios have developed the Minecraft Xbox 360.

This version was released for the Xbox 360 in 2012 and the game is priced at approximately $20. All the updates of the game can be downloaded. These updates are very similar to those of the PC version of the game.

Skin Packs

4J Studios has released about 45 skin packs that players can download. The skin packs offer various characters of the game, such as Master Chief along with various other designs.

Adding Updates

The creators of the game keep offering updates for addressing bugs and fixing issues. They also regularly offer updates adding novel features to the game. You can easily access these updates for your game on Xbox 360. You can first select the game from the game library or use the disk. After getting connected or when the disk begins loading, you can view notices related to updates. If you want the update, you can click on the “Yes.” Once the update gets completed, press on “Continue” to enjoy the updated version of the game with fixes and updates.

Title Update 15 and 16

This was the update offered in April 2014 and it has addressed many bugs and fixes. The TU16 was released in May 2014 and it addressed bugs related to blocks that kept appearing even after being mined. It also addressed issues related to damages created by random falling, non-loading or slow loading chunks, or incorrect display of maps in the beginning of the game. The update solved problems related to the split screen modes as well. There were blocks that did not present the damage in this mode and Enderdragon sounds were missing.

Addressing Bugs

Other problems are related to the spawning of chickens, mooshrooms and wolves. Whenever the inventory was opened, the item in the quick selecting bar would shift. It was not possible to produce random professions using villager eggs. These and many other glitches in the game were successfully addressed by the updates. Though the TU16 was released for the Xbox 360 in May, the players on PS3 had to wait to get the updates for their consoles.

Additional Features

The TU 16 also offered a fix for players who became invisible after dying. Players also became invisible when they were re-spawned and when two players went through the nether gate at the same time. The Candy Texture and the Natural Texture pack were introduced to solve these glitches. Players also became invisible after teleporting. This continued till the player who viewed them moved or till the other player started moving. The glitch related to playing the chords on the Noteblock pitch has also been well addressed. There were also many chunks that were not loading properly in the maps. In addition, baby mobs used to transform into adults and die. The CD would not play after removing it from the jukebox and so on.

Upcoming Versions

The new version of Minecraft for the Xbox One and for the PS4 is very much anticipated. 4J Studios seem to be concentrating its efforts on these new releases. They are at present conducting tests on the game worlds of these versions. The worlds are about 36 times larger than those in the Xbox 360 and in the PS3. The new version will bring with it many new features and functionalities. For instance, in this new version, players can import their world from the PS3 or Xbox 360 consoles into the new console like the PS Vita, the Xbox One or the PS4.

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