Nokia Lumia 520 vs Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 – Price and Specs Comparison

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Nokia is trying hard to get a pie in the smartphone market by launching its Windows based smartphone in the entry-level segment.

Samsung already owns the major market share in the smartphone world and is giving tough competition to this Finland based multinational. Lumia 520 is touted as the comeback model for Nokia. However, there is no dearth of entry-level smartphones today due to increasing competition. Nokia Lumia 520 can be easily pitted against Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 as both these smartphones cater to the low-segment and promise to offer the best in this range. Let us find out the better smartphone between the two.

Why Lumia 520?

Both Lumia 520 and Duos 2 sport a 4-inch screen rendering the same resolution of 480×800 pixels. As a result, it translates into 235ppi density for both the phones. However, Lumia 520 uses IPS-LCD technology whereas Duos 2 uses TFT-LCD technology. According to experts, IPS-LCD technology gives better and crisper image quality than Duos 2.

Lumia 520 beats Duos 2 fair and square in the internal memory segment. Duos 2 has only 4GB of internal memory out of which only 2GB is usable. Lumia 520 has significant space of 8GB internal memory that is usually found in mid-segment smartphones. If you wish to play a lot of games or install applications, Lumia 520 will be your obvious choice.

Last but not the least, Nokia lures buyers by offering Nokia music. Nokia music lets the user download unlimited music without any DRM for three months, after which they have to buy a yearly subscription. If you are a music lover, you may find it tough to keep your hands off this Nokia smartphone simply because of the extensive music library that Nokia offers.

Why Duos 2?

Duos 2 has a faster Dual-Core processor that clock at 1.2 GHz as compared to the slower 1GHz processor in Lumia 520. Furthermore, Duos 2 has 768MB RAM as compared to the inferior 512MB RAM in Lumia 520. The difference in the processor and RAM gives more speed to Duos 2 and it can handle more applications at one time. Duos 2 is also powered by a marginally more powerful 1500mAh battery as compared to the 1430mAh battery that supports Lumia 520.

Another key reason why you would like to go for Duos 2 is a 0.3MP camera in the front that is absent in Lumia 520. Video calling or Skype calling on smartphones is fast becoming a necessity and Lumia 520 misses one of the most basic features present in almost any smartphone today. Duos 2 being an Android phone, offers a wide range of applications for its users as compared to the Windows based Lumia 520.

These two smartphones are very competitive in their price segment. However, your decision may come down to key points like front camera, internal memory and Android versus Windows war. If you have been an Android user, you may find it tough to migrate from an Android smartphone to the Windows based Lumia 520. However, if you are a music lover and wish to install more applications than you may want to pick Lumia 520.

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