WhatsApp – Is It Cheating on Your Message Delivery?

Time to open your eyes wide and notice the sun is absent, thanks to WhatsApp facing innumerable connectivity and other technical issues.

The farce above is regarding the recent service disruption and delayed and confusing message delivery reports on the multi-lingual instant-messaging application for Smartphone.


Since Facebook has aimed at buying all the possible people around to link globally and equally to its own application and acquired rights to project the merge of both respectively, a zillion issues have been reported regarding the text sending and delivering lag for the same.

True that today’s tech savvy world does not have an option to stay offline, lest their near and dear ones have an emotional freak out and attack and end up being traumatized owing to their absence or offline status. WhatsApp has more than 50,000,000 users in India alone and more than 500,000,000 globally who avail the service without placing another alternative for the same process, although, there are a number of other multi-lingual instant messaging applications available online. The fact remains that a large sum of the world has not even heard about WeChat or Viber and hence are not available on the same. Instant-online audio-video-text messaging has been rephrased today as WhatsApp.


The major reason towards the mishaps, inconveniences and lags are the Facebook and Whatsapp, merging that has cost a lot of its users to turn away from the service temporarily. The issues were not addressed and the authorities were mute till the outrage became an upheaval and a commotion on Twitter and its own homepage. The status service account of WhatsApp has not said any word on the disruption of services and the Official account also remains mum. The company has taken this ludicrous option to double fold its users by the completion of next year, but the truth be told, it took them around 5 years and more to initially reach 500 Million. The company is said to have proposed companies like Airtel to excite the customers by launching Recharge plans only for WhatsApp use.

The problem faced is that the connectivity is hampered by the closure of the application soon after connecting. The page shows a crash report and advises you to re-install, if at all a page remains open.

Solution is still orphaned

After the two hours of WhatsApp shut down, Facebook officially apologized to its users quoting ‘server issues’.

The addressable behavior has been more than painstakingly unbearable, as the authorities finally have said that the issues are all to blame on the connectivity. It is easy to con and blame technical mishaps on one’s own connectivity and network problems, but that is to hold stance for a minute or an hour, not the time period as long as this. Europe has been the victim of these inconveniences to a larger extent and is reporting thoroughly frustrated reviews.

One would have thought that with a giant like Facebook taking over WhatsApp, its services would touch a new high, but sadly, it seems to be vice-versa.

The following address can redirect you to display the WhatsApp outage map and make obvious the problem:


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