Make Your WhatsApp Free Download Even More Interesting on Your iPhone

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WhatsApp, like all other apps these days, has some cool tricks up its sleeve.

If you use WhatsApp as often as most of its users do, these cool tricks can come in handy. So if you have an iPhone, and you use WhatsApp on it, read on to find some cool tricks that can make your WhatsApp experience exhilarating.

Hide Last Seen Time

The one thing privacy pundits hate about WhatsApp is that it shows the whole world the last time you were online. This is a terrible flaw in its privacy features, and while some people really appreciate this feature, others rue it. If you belong to the latter group, there is a simple way to turn this feature off and make life easier. Go to the settings option, and choose advanced settings. From there, turn off the ‘Last Seen’ timestamp. This cool new feature is available on Android phones as well, and allows you to permanently hide your last seen timestamp from your account.

Use WhatsApp without Your Mobile Number

If you do not want to use your mobile number on WhatsApp, there is a way to do that too. This is a great feature for those who participate in group chats where they do not know everyone or where they do not want to give out their number publicly. If you are already using the app, just uninstall it from your device and install it once again. When you are installing it, it will ask for your number, so after you have downloaded and before you begin to install it, put your phone in the flight mode or change the message center number so that your phone number cannot be verified when you type in the confirmation code. WhatsApp will then ask you to choose an alternate verification method. You can use your email address by choosing the option to ‘Verify through SMS’. Just click on send, and then without waiting, click immediately on ‘Cancel’. This move will effectively terminate your authorization. You can use the spoofer app to copy message details from your outbox and send a verification from a spoofed number. You will now have a spoof number stored on your WhatsApp account, so you do not have to worry about your number falling into the wrong hands.

Change Your Friends’ Profile Pictures

There is a way you can change your friends’ profile pictures on WhatsApp. This change will be applied only on your phone and not globally. Simply choose a profile picture and resize it to 561×561 using an image-editing tool like Photoshop or paint. You can now name it with your friend’s mobile number. Save the picture to this location: SD card>WhatsApp>Profile Pictures. If this prompts you to overwrite the existing image, simply click on yes. However, before you do that, disable your data network and Wi-Fi because if you do not the picture will be updated automatically. This can be used to pull a prank on a friend, because as soon as you are online, the picture will be changed instantly to what your friend’s real profile picture is.

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