South Park: The Stick of Truth: A Review Of the Game

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Are you a South Park fan? Those who loved to watch the South Park series had a total blast playing South Park: the Stick of Truth as it was very nicely executed and well planned. Launched in 2014 by Obsidian entertainment, this game follows the journey of the new kid who has just moved to the town and then the role play starts which involves various humans, wizards and different types of elves as well.

The game was censored in some countries because of the adult content that it contains as it has Nazi imagery and also deals with abortions and other issues too. The development of the game dates back to 2009 when the creators of South Park television series offered Obsidian, the chance to develop a game based on this series.

They wanted to actively participate in this game and so they did. Not only did they participate in the script writing, but the designing and overall presentation of the game as well.

Did South Park: The Stick Of Truth Turns Out To Be Successful?  

If you are wondering as to how this game actually fared, you need to know that it did a really commendable job. This game broke the record for Ubisoft’s digital sales as it spanned a new high this time. This in itself is a proof of the kind of popularity that this game has managed to achieve. The game has been released in North America, Europe and Australia and the success which it has managed to clinch is impressive.

There have been a few criticisms too as gamers complained that the levels aren’t extremely challenging and gamers wanted something tougher to challenge them. Further, there were also a few technical issues that slowed down the game and halted the smooth progress of the game.

Even though these criticisms were received, one cannot ignore the fact that South Park: the Stick of Truth managed to turn out to be a hit. Those who are hooked to this TV series loved that they too could play the role of the kid and engage in the different adventures that follow.

Make it a point to explore the new town. There are various areas that remain largely inaccessible and you will have to achieve and conquer the different objectives before you can be hopeful of clearing the locked lands and further adventures.

Set in the fictional town of South Park in Colorado, this game has a great deal of adult content and this is why it is not advised for little children. Die hard South Park fans are going to find it really hard to avoid playing this game because it is definitely exciting and enjoyable for them. The developers seem to have left no stone unturned to give the gamers nearly the same joy which they derive when watching this series.

If you check out the reviews of South Park: the Stick of Truth, you will find that a larger majority of gamers are happy with the overall development and execution of this game.

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