Watch Dogs Runs On Ultra High Settings on Mid-Range PC

Sounds like great news for PC gamers who own gaming rigs that are a bit old! The new era of games is ready to make their way to the stores and 2014 definitely looks promising with some of the best titles making their way out.

Watch Dogs is definitely an important one from the list that got postponed from November 2013 to May this year; but it looks like the wait was definitely worth it. Ubisoft, the company which developed the game have said that they are taking the extra time to tweak the graphic settings and other aspects of the title before bringing it out to the public. Besides, the game is getting released on all platforms including Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360. The PC version, as with the norms, will have graphic settings that can be adjusted according to the power of the rig you own. When an anxious gamer asked whether he will be able to run the game at 900p at ultra -settings on a machine that is equipped with a GTX 670 card, he got a positive response from the creative director of the game.

Ultra-Settings with GTX 670

The creative director of Watch Dogs Jonathan Morin confirmed that the game will indeed run in ultra-settings without any hiccups. He pointed to the fact that over 90% of their team of developers test the title on their systems which are powered by Nvidia Geforce 670 cards which has 4GB or sometimes 6GB of RAM. Based on these numbers, it should easily run Ultra if you have a similar CPU to match, said the director. The reply was not only rejoicing for the gamer who asked the question, but for all PC gamers in general, because most of them own a mid-range CPU rather than the latest, greatest edition available.

Being able to play one of the most wanted titles in recent times at 1600 x 900 resolution with the maximum possible settings will definitely add up to the game play experience without compromising on the visual clarity. The Twitter feed was spotted by the T4 mag and it confirms that you will be able to enjoy Ubisoft’s work in all its glory in the open world, hacking game that has been the talk of the town in recent days.

Higher than PS4 and Xbox One Visuals

GPU Boss, a specialist of graphics cards for PCs confirmed that news that GTX 670 will indeed be able to run Watch Dogs at this resolution with maximum graphics. They also added that in terms of visual appearance, they will be far better when compared to the graphics level set in Xbox One and PS4 consoles which are lesser in terms of hardware even though they belong to the next gen. The game developers recommend GTX 560ti for the best experience. The game is set to get released on May 27 but copies of the title have already leaked in Brazil, besides other countries. Reviews flowing in have been positive so far.

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