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Nowadays, the voice over internet protocol, also know as VOIP, is extremely used worldwide. Applications such as Viber or Tango are gaining more and more users because of that. Even if a few years ago these kinds of applications were able to run only on few operating systems, now they are created for popular operating systems of smartphones, such as Android, Windows Mobile, iOS, etc.

Viber or Tango, what will you choose?

Viber and Tango can be used to call somebody who already has the application installed on its smartphone or PC. Both of the applications work well while using 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection. It’s very easy to register on both of the applications; you will only need to enter your phone number in order to do it.

These applications can scan the phonebook of your smartphone in order to see if a person from your phonebook is already registered, so you can eventually add him/her to your friend list.

While Viber allows you to chat, send SMS, send pictures or even share your location with your friends, Tango has none of these features. But with Tango you can make video calls though VOIP or you can play games with your friends during a call.

We can’t say which the best application between these two is, because it depends on user’s needs.

As a smartphone user, if you are looking for an application which can be used for video calls, you should go for Tango, but if you want additional features such as chatting, sending SMS or pictures, then Viber is the application for you.

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