Minecraft PS4; What to Expect?

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Minecraft PS4 is the 4th PlayStation version of Minecraft. It is being developed for Mojang by 4J Studios.

The Minecraft PS4 Edition was announced at the 2013 Gamescom Sony exhibit. Like most games released on PS4, you can play this Minecraft Edition via remote play on PlayStation Vita.

The Minecraft PS4 trailer shows iconic characters such as Kratos, Clank and Ratchet frolicking together through the game. There are two other characters that will also appear, that is, a wanderer from Journey and Ellie from Last of Us.

The Graphics and Enhancements Made

The PS4 version of Minecraft will maintain the same blocky graphics. However, some technical enhancements have been made. There is a substantial increase of the draw distance. Furthermore, players have the ability to make larger worlds compared to previous Minecraft versions.

What to Expect with the Minecraft PS4

Minecraft PS4 will feature worlds that are 36 times bigger than those seen on the PS3. All existing PS3 players will be able to import the games they’ve saved to this new version. This will allow them to go on with the immense structure or even go deeper to the Nether.

Mojang is additionally offering a scheme for those who want to upgrade their PlayStations. If you have a PS3, you will pay less when picking up your PS4. This is applicable to all people who bought a digital copy of Minecraft. They will also be able to transfer their PSN account to the new console.

Taking advantage of the Dualshock features, you will be able to navigate the craft and menus with the touchpad. What’s more, the in-built social thingymabobs allows you to stream and share your experiences. This feature is, however, completely optional, so you should not worry if you do not like to show off your skills.

All hunters will have many trophies to earn. There will also be some Sony-specific DLC after the release. What’s more, Minecraft will be able to support up to 8 players online. Four of the eight players can log in using one PS4. All this is possible thanks to the split-screen.

More Information on Minecraft PS4

• It will be released in August 2014 and will include all features that are in the most recent PS3 version.

• On a minimum, you will be able to upgrade a year after the game has been released.

• Mojang is closely working to find ways through which an upgrade from Blu-ray Minecraft disc version will be possible.

• Unfortunately, you will not be able to transfer your saves from PS4 to Vita/PS3. One of the reasons for this is that shrinking the worlds could cause some big problems. It is easier to make worlds bigger.

• Cross platform play is not possible between PS4 Edition and Vita Edition + PS3 Edition.

• While many DLC texture packs and skins will be available for use in PS4 Edition, not all will be available.

• Upgrading from PS3 to PS4 will cost you about 5 dollars. This is only applicable to those with PS3 Minecraft Versions.

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