Top 3 iPhone Free Music Streaming Applications of 2014

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  1. Spotify
  2. Rdio
  3. Slacker

Even if Apple offers their own music streaming service, iTunes Radio, there are many other options in the App Store that you might like. Here are the top 3 streaming music applications for your iPhone.


Spotify is one of the largest streaming music services. This application is free, but comes with ads. It includes playing any album or artists’ collections online. The users, who want the Premium version, will get on-demand streaming and the possibility to download the songs in order to listen them offline. Spotify streams at max 320 kbps, making it a great streaming music application with a great sound quality.


Rdio has over 20 million songs and comes with many features. It’s very hard to beat Rdio on design, since it looks well on both iPhone and IPad. Like Spotify, if you get Rdio Premium, you will be able to download songs.  If Spotify has a limit of how many songs you can download, Rdio does not. Rdio is streaming currently at max 192 kbps but they announced that it will be upgraded to 320 kbps in the near future.


Slacker comes with a library of over 13 million songs, with a great selection of indie artists. The ones who subscribe for Premium Slacker, can also save their favorite songs for offline playback. Slacker comes in handy if you are a sports fan, since you can listen to sport radio stations such as ESPN. With Slacker, you can also listen to talk shows and comedy radio stations. Subscriptions for Slacker start from $3.99/month.

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