The Free Google Chrome Download Now Enriches Your Word Power

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The world’s most popular web browser, Google Chrome has now made your language barrier easier to overcome.

You can now install dictionaries in Chrome for better language correction features. The multiple languages checking software is definitely a welcome move for users across the globe. Being the most widely used browser, it has made it easier for users to operate online without having to look elsewhere for help.

Google Chrome comes with a default language setting that installs along with the browser installation. The browser readily offers assistance in the default language setting. However, there is a new feature that allows you to install other language dictionaries on the browser. Further, the browser allows you to adjust the settings so that it can check the spelling of the languages you have installed whenever you need. The software is user friendly. Once you have your language packs installed, you can right click in the Chrome typing field and choose the language you want spell checked. The rest of the steps are direct and effortless.

View Your PDF Files with Ease on the Chrome Browse – No Need to Download

Google Chrome readily comes with an in-built PDF viewer. You do not have to scratch your head if you do not own a PDF viewer. Yet, if you prefer viewing your files using separate viewers, you are given the free hand to disable the Chrome PDF reader and use yours. The feature is useful as it saves time and grants you the convenience of proceeding with your urgent concerns. The Google Chrome browser therefore gives you the freedom to operate on the internet.

How to View Your PDF Files

If you are working with the Firefox browser, go to the options menu, move to application and choose PDF document. Click on the drop down menu and select Google Chrome. If you are working with Google Chrome, type Chrome Plugins in the address bar, then click on the disable link which you see within the Chrome PDF reader.

Access Your Desktop Files Remotely From Your Android Device For Free

Google has added another feather to its crown. You can now log into your computer remotely, thanks to the Chrome remote desktop app that Google has released. If you install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension App on your Android app, you will be provided with a link to your desktop computer from your Android device.

The Remote Desktop Access Android App Is Also Free

Google never seems to run out of good ideas for its many users across the globe. The new Chrome Remote desktop extension is available for free. Moreover, it is a seamless process to set it up. The connectivity is smooth and performs just as well on both LTE and Wi-Fi. Generally, the app is a great new invention by Google and adds more spice to the browsing experience. Users can access the application now on Google Play Store for an enhanced internet experience.

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