Surface Pro 2 vs Surface Pro 3 – Specifications and Pricing Comparison

The wide availability of tablets today have somewhat lessened the desirability factor, but that has been brought back to the segment once again following the introduction of the Surface Pro 2.

This is not just another tablet from Microsoft, but it is a tablet that could become a potential replacement for the laptop. Now, it is set to be replaced by the Surface Pro 3. Based on rumors, it is quite possible that the Surface Pro 3 will be launched in the next few weeks.


This is a key element of any gadget and some companies decide to go the flamboyant way. Microsoft has gone the opposite by providing the Surface Pro 2 with an understated look. There are minimal physical buttons on the device, as it is largely touch operated. In order to live up with its claim as a laptop killer, the Surface Pro 2 comes with a foldable flap that can also double up as a keyboard. Hence, it is possible to get a compact device that has all the features of a laptop – apart from a few like the DVD drive – on this device.

The Surface Pro 3 is expected to retain much of this philosophy, although there have been suggestions that it could be a slightly larger device.


The key element of the Surface Pro 2 is its processor, which is a huge step up from the competitors that feature snapdragon units. Instead, the Microsoft device comes with Intel processors in its heart. They are widely acknowledged as the best in the world, while they also provide loads of performance on the tap. The Surface Pro 2, especially, comes with the i5 processor range, which is primarily found in mid-range laptops.

Considering that this will be running the Windows 8 operating system, which has been optimized for tablets, the experience could be significantly greater than laptops running the same operating system. Not satisfied with the power already at his disposal, the Surface Pro 3 is expected to feature the i7 range of processors from Intel. They will be even more powerful.

Internal Memory Options

This aspect of the device is reminiscent of the iPad, which offers different variants even in the memory department. There are four different memory variants as far as the Surface Pro 2 is concerned. They start from as low as 64 GB and go to a maximum of 512 GB. This amount of memory is uncharted territory for the likes of the iPad, which offer only up to 128 GB as the maximum.

The Surface Pro 3 is not expected to come in with significant changes in this regard, as increasing the memory will only add to the cost of the device.

The Surface Pro 2 range starts from $ 899 and it is definitely not the cheapest tablet in the market. The Surface Pro 3 is not going to be at a lower price than the model that it replaces. Prices of this device are expected to start at $ 1000.

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