Top 5 Best 2014 Android Sport Games

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1. 3D Bowling

If you are in the mood to play some bowling, but you are too lazy to get to out of the house, then this application is your alternative. 3D Bowling comes with awesome graphics and multiple bowling scenes, with a realistic 3D physics engine. It also has an online leader board where you can track your stats. This game is totally free.
2. FIFA 14

Fifa 14 is a very popular game with 33 leagues and over 600 teams and 16.000 football players. The game comes with crazy visual graphics optimized for tablets, with touch screen controls that let you control players around. You can also create your own team, buy or sell players. The game comes with some nice soundtrack which includes songs from bands like Empire of The Sun and Vampire Weekend. The languages that Fifa 14 supports are English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Dutch, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese.

3. Madden NFL 25
If you like American football, then Madden NFL 25 is the game you want to play. Collect players from packs or get them via the Auction House. You have a list of 32 real teams to choose from with over 1500 players in it.

4. Real Boxing

You want to box but don’t want to get any bruises? Then this is the game for you! With stunning 3D graphics, this game you’ll play for hours. Did we mention you’ll see blood spraying all over your screen? Punch your way in career mode with more then 30 fights or try even the multiplayer mode and see how good you are against real people who play this nice game.

5. Baseball Superstars 2013

Baseball Superstars 2013 comes with good graphics and intense baseball action. You have Player vs Player mode, so you can play against your friends in order to see who the best is. This game comes with daily quests and tasks which give you points to level up.

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