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If there is one absolutely trusted company name on the Internet, it is definitely Google. Google has certainly made its name and place in many areas of the World Wide Web.

From search engines and YouTube, all the way to cloud storage, Google is in it. The Google Play Store is where most app users go to for their mobile app needs. And Google Inc. offers many useful apps of its own as well, such as Text-to-Speech and Maps.

Surprisingly, not many are aware that Google also offers free calling apps. Google Talk has been around for quite a while now, and it is easily one of the most underrated calling apps on the market. But if we just pay attention and observe what goes on around us, the things that are happening, we will notice that many of them have something to do with what the company Google has created. It has made our lives so much easier in so many different aspects. As a matter of fact, if we were asked to completely remove all the Google apps and services that we have become so comfortable with using today, we would undeniably be in a very sticky situation.

Of course that is not to say that we can no longer go on with our normal everyday lives without Google services like Google Talk and others, but it would definitely be a very different environment. We have used these in different areas of life because they have proven themselves to be very useful. Google Talk is one of the most used of the Google products today, and for good reason.

Google Talk is Simple and Easy to Use

If you are looking for a no-nonsense calling app that will essentially give you only the things that you need, then Google Talk, or Gtalk as it may sometimes be called, may be the app for you. To be able to use your Gtalk, all you need are a Gmail account, Internet connection, and a compatible device. There is a wide range of devices compatible with the Gtalk app, from smartphones to Tablets to PC.

Gtalk works side by side with your Gmail account, so there is no need to manually add your contacts one by one to your Gtalk because it can automatically access your Gmail contacts list. The instant messaging service is also available when you open your Gmail, as a small sidebar is always ready for you to talk to anyone on your list.

Gtalk gives you it’s essential features – voice and video calling, and instant messaging – without a cost. You can also send files without limits, and leave voicemails to friends or co-workers who may be offline at the moment. You can also update your status in Gtalk to let people know if you are available to chat, busy or even share the music that you are currently listening to. Gtalk also notifies you when you have a new message or incoming call, so you don’t have to keep on checking on it. So it is very easy and convenient to have Google Talk ready.

Most Users Find It Hard to Let Go

Many professionals choose to use Gtalk because it is simple and sleek, without the flamboyant stickers or annoying pinging sounds that crowd other calling apps and eat up your mobile phone’s space. Its interface directly gives you the things that you need to see and the options you can click on. And of course, with Google Talk, the brand recognition lets you put your trust and confidence on its services.

Just recently, Google has removed Gtalk from its app store and replaced it with a new communications app, Hangouts, which also looks promising on its own. If you want to update to the new Hangouts, you can easily do so by clicking “Update to Hangouts”. Many app users, however, still choose to stick with the tried and trusted Gtalk. Thus, Google Talk is still available for download in various third party download sites. If you are one of the users who choose to stick to simple interface and being able to update your status to let others know of your availability, then don’t fret. Gtalk is still available to download and use for free.

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