5 Best Antivirus Apps 2014 Free Download for Smartphone

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There is still a lot of debate about whether you need antivirus applications for your smartphone, but malware has increased to such a great extent that you need good security antivirus apps to keep up with the emerging threats. Here are some of the best antivirus apps for 2014.


Avast is a free app for the Android OS, offering various tools for protection. The app completely scans the device and also offers a Web shield, which can scan URLs as well as malware. The anti theft tool is similar to another app known as Theft Aware, which has been acquired by Avast. It enables to control the device by using SMS. For instance, if you have lost your device, you can use the app to lock it from remote and also locate it and wipe out the contents. Other features include making it play a siren sound or locking the SIM and also preventing it from being debugged, so that you can protect it from getting stolen.

360 Mobile Security

The 360 Mobile Security antivirus software has a high detection rate, focusing on detecting as well as nullifying the threats threatening your smartphone. It is a light app and is also totally free, offered in an elegant design. The app offers a regularized real time scan to protect the phone from spyware and from all types of malware. It also enables cleaning of idle apps in the background, so that the device is able to run more efficiently, with the use of a tool and a privacy advisor for clearing up usage history.

CM Security

It is a new malware detection application useful for Android smartphones offering good protection. After the scan is finished, it lists the threats and solves them singly or simultaneously. Other features offered include a Privacy Advisor as well as an option for secure browsing, which works well with most of the existing browsers. You can also schedule regular scans for a weekly, monthly or daily basis and search for suspicious files, scan the SD card or use the Call Filtering option and so on.


This is a version for Android phones and is free anti-malware software that can keep your device safe, so that no malware is installed in it. It can detect as well as remove all types of malware and protect personal data in the system, closing all security gaps and holes. If you feel that the application has consumed too many of your mobile resources, you can disable specific features, so that it operates more lightly on the phone. The app is very easy to use, with the App Manager, the Privacy manager and the Scan Now being the three options. The App Manager allows you to view all the apps that you have installed, check out those that are running and even close them if you don’t need them. The Privacy Manager is very interesting, as you can view the permissions that apps need and the security audit feature enables analysis of security holes or bugs.

Comodo Mobile Security

It has an amazing set of utilities for protecting your smartphone from malware as well as protecting your privacy and your data. It is a free security application and automatically starts checking out for updates as soon as you install it, once confirmation is given. It appears as an icon in the notification tray. Once it has scanned your device, it lists its report under the categories of Dangerous; pending; and Secure with brief descriptions of what it has found. The app also offers other useful tools, such as the process manager showing the RAM usage, the Traffic Monitoring feature, the Call Blocking and the SMS blocking tool and so on.

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