Skype Remains the Number One Free Calling App

Skype is one of the most popular free calling apps, for not only smartphones and tablets but also one that you can use on your desktop.

Microsoft has been offering this service for several years now. This is why it is more known to many users in different parts of the world. If you own a smartphone or even if you’re using your computer to make contact with your friends and even to communicate at work, Skype is almost always the first option.

Reasons to Love Skype

Several other free calling apps have emerged over the years, more so, especially now that regular texting and calling is slowly being outdated by free texts and calls. Despite the rise in the number of free calling apps, Skype has managed to hold on to its loyal users. There are many reasons why you should stick to Skype and not switch to a new free calling app.

It’s Free to Download

We know that most apps like Skype are also free to download but it is one of the first few who offered this service for free. Skype can be easily downloaded and registration is also a walk in the park. Unlike other free calling apps that require your mobile number to register, Skype only needs a username and a working email address. If you want to keep your contact details in private, Skype is the app for you.

Great Video Call Quality

Free calling apps with video calls don’t have the same quality as Skype’s. It’s not known to crash on you and the video and voice are of good quality. Some apps don’t even have free video calls and this is where Skype leaves a great distance between the others. Skype knows that talking to your loved ones face-to-face despite the distance is still better than just texting so they know that video call quality is an important feature.

No Smartphone, No Problem

As mentioned in the beginning, Skype can also be used on your desktops. This is one of the better features of Skype compared to other free calling apps that only work on smartphones and tablets. If a loved one lives abroad and doesn’t have a smartphone or tablet, or maybe they do have but for whatever reason the devices failed to work, it’s good to note that you can still talk or see them even if they’re just using their laptop.

Group Video Calling is Finally Free

Other competition has this advantage over Skype for a long time until recently when Microsoft announced that they are now rolling out free group video call. It’s long overdue and it’s quite a bummer that this feature is only available on Windows desktops, Mac, and Xbox One versions. However, we’re holding on to the promise of Microsoft that this feature will also be available “for all users across more platforms”. Until then, we’d be happy to use our Windows desktop to start a group video call among our friends to try this new feature out.

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