The Phenomenon of Candy Crush Saga – One of the Most Successful Games Ever

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The year 2012 was a big one for the gaming industry and it was during this year that Candy Crush Saga was first announced.

Ever since, the game has topped the charts of popularity and hasn’t looked back yet. It is not surprising that many people enjoy playing the game on their phones. Whether it is to kill time on their commute or while waiting in the doctor’s office or just sitting on the toilet; people play this game at every opportunity and that is the reason the game has become this popular.

The Gameplay

Complicated, action packed games, which require a lot of strategy and thought, attract a very different kind of gaming community. These dedicated gamers make time for their gaming interests and are ‘hardcore’ to say the least. The simplicity and range of variety, is what makes Candy Crush Saga appealing to even those who would not be able to tell one gaming console from another. So Candy Crush Saga does not target gamers who own an envious collection of gaming paraphernalia, but those, who would have never otherwise seen themselves gaming. Though Candy Crush Saga is similar to a lot of matching games, it has a distinct appeal to itself – owing to the colors, graphics and overall use of characters and worlds.

The Concept

While there is a single candy-matching concept in the game, the game actually has so many combinations set as levels, that one would never get bored. The one thing that is great about Candy Crush Saga is that it never gets repetitive. Each level brings something new and challenging for players and therefore each level is like playing a whole new game, with a new set of objectives. The sheer amount of imagination that may have been used to create these puzzles is mindboggling. Every few weeks, the makers of Candy Crush Saga release new levels for people to play on the Facebook version of the game. They are then added to the smartphone app as well. Every now and then, the game is improved further and the developers fix all bugs and glitches too.

The Freemium Model

A lot of casual gamers do not like to spend much money on their gaming. That is why, several freemium games have gone bust, because, at one point, they force gamers to pay, for continuing with the game. With Candy Crush Saga, there is no such compulsion. If you are stuck at a point for a long time, you can keep trying to beat the level on your own. If you feel it’s just not happening, you can pick up a power up and move on. There is certainly no compulsion to purchase a power up because you can win without it. In fact, you can easily gather power ups by spinning the wheel of fortune every day. So, in a way, the game gives you an opportunity to pass every level without having to spend much money on it.

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