New BMW 9 Series – Vision Future Luxury

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When it comes to cars, isn’t BMW the smartest choice that you could possibly have? There are various different designs of cars that are launched and the BMW vision future luxury is perhaps one of the most striking ones among them. The car was unveiled at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show and it created quite a buzz among car lovers.

The Top Features

The body of the car is done in the perfect blend of carbon fiber and aluminum. The laser headlights that are a part of the package further make this design absolutely terrific. This model makes use of subtractive modeling concept as there are various layers that are used and it is made of different types and kinds of materials. The interiors of the car shine and will leave you mighty impressed.

The Interface for the Driver

The interface of the driver’s area has been done with careful precision. It comes with a BMW connected Drive concierge and this looks really fabulous and striking. Further, the head up display that is a part of this car is done beautifully and you will be able to get a glimpse of all the information that you truly need.

The steering wheel is an absolutely beauty to watch out for. There is a symmetrical shape of wood grains on the steering wheel and you can find a touch sensitive center stack nearby as well. You also have a digital dash with 3D gauges.

Further, the iDrive controller that is offered comes with a four-way pad and if you do not like physical buttons, this model will be the best for you. There are two rear displays which you can find and this makes it easier to communicate and watch out for the directions.

The Class of BMW

While we may discuss a hundred features that are stunning, classic and powerful, the bottom line remains that the class of BMW will always remain unmatched. BMW has a very captivating brand power and a lot of people choose BMW cars simply because of the fact that it comes with a BMW label. The performance of the car will be flawless and this new series is being hailed as the next generation car.

Why Luxury is Such an Important Point?

Some people may buy cars for their use while there are others who buy cars because they love it. If you are looking to buy a luxury car that will truly serve your purpose and at the same time, live up to your status as well, there is nothing better than a BMW.

The new BMW 9 Series is one of the best that you could have asked for. It is loaded with some of the finest features and the type of designing that this model of car has, will leave you extremely impressed. Luxury cars are the category of cars that is in huge demand for the simple reason that they are known to exude the perfect aura and style.

Explore the endless designs and if you are looking to have a car that redefines excellence and perfection, it is BMW that will be smartest choice. You should check out this new series because the hopes that people have from it are too high. BMW is known for coming up with some of the most exciting and interesting designs and their models have always been rated in the right light.

With the BMW 9 Series, you will never go wrong with your choice because it will give you a blend of class, style, features, élan, facilities and more. The smart and flawless designing will leave you dazzled and it is surely a model to look out for.

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