Skip the Cellphone Plans with Free Calling Apps Download

Smartphone users usually get huge mobile phone bills, which may be daunting to them at times.

Therefore, if like most other users, you too are paying a bill that is upwards of $100, it is time to stop and look around. Most likely, you will find that many people are paying much less than that. How do they do that? They do it with the help of the many free calling apps that have cropped up in the markets. These free calling apps are very simple to use, and free to download. Therefore, once you have it on your phone, you can easily call anyone you want, without the guilt of a lengthy cellphone bill.

Why Do You Get Large Bills?

For smartphone users, there are only two main reasons why their bills are so huge. The first is that they may be making many calls, beyond their calling plans so that they are charged extra. Another possibility is that they may be using too much of their mobile phone data. This is certainly not inexpensive. Therefore, you have to cut down on one of these two things, if you really want to have a smaller bill. Since you purchased your smartphone only so that you can use all the apps, you will have to cut down on the cost of your calls. You can do this by installing free calling apps.

How Do Free Calling Apps Work?

These apps are free to install and they work on either your Wi-Fi or your data connection. When you have your phone connected to your Wi-Fi network, all your calling apps would use your Wi-Fi network to make the calls. However, if you do not have a network in range, they would use your data connection for making the calls. Unless you are making video calls, these calling apps use very little of your data connection, and so you do not have to worry about a very huge bill. You can now be making all your calls at a fraction of what your service provider charges you, and if you are using your Wi-Fi connection, your calls will be effectively free.

How Do You Cut Back on Your Phone Bill?

For making calls and sending texts, you still do need a voice call and a data plan, because every calling app requires a number to be set up. What you can do is to find the cheapest call plan that your service provider offers, and use it to set up your phone. Once that is one, you can use any of the free calling apps such as Skype, Viber, Talkatone, and even Facebook Messenger, to make calls to other numbers. There is a downside though. For free calling apps to work, the other person – who you are calling, should also have the same app installed on their phone. You would not be able to place a free call unless the other person has also set up the app on their phone, and is online on the app.

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