Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Core – Price and Specs Comparison

Samsung has literally captured the smartphone market in the last couple of years by bringing out all ranges of smartphones for its fans.

Samsung does not only rule the premium smartphone segment but it also has captured the budget smartphone arena. To state the obvious, the range is so diverse that prospective buyers are often confused between two Smartphones, especially in the budget segment when going to buy a phone. If you want to buy a budget smartphone, you may find yourself confused between two dual-Sim phones by Samsung. These are Duos 2 and Galaxy Core. Here is a comparison between the features of Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 and Samsung Galaxy Core that can help you decide on which phone to choose.

Screen and Display

Duos 2 comes with a 4-inch screen powered by TFT technology offering a 16M color play. Galaxy Core with its 4.3-inch screen is slightly bigger in size measuring 67.56X129.3X8.95 mm. As a result, even though the difference is negligible, Galaxy Core weighs slightly heavier than Duos 2 at 124 g. Both the phones have the same resolution of 480X800 pixels but it translates into higher pixel density 233ppi for Duos 2 owing to its smaller screen size.

Performance Parameters

As far as performance is concerned, there is not much difference in the processors of both the phones as both of them are powered by Dual Core that clocks at a frequency of 1.2GHz. However, things change for the user when they operate on both the phones. Galaxy Core is fitted with a substantial 1GB RAM but Duos 2 is only powered by an inferior 768MB RAM. For a user, the difference can be noticed when they open multiple applications at the same time. Galaxy Core responds better than Duos 2 because of its superior RAM. Duos 2 has Android v4.2 while Core has Android v4.1 as its operating system.

Camera and Other Functions

There is hardly any difference in the camera of both the phones. Both have a 5MP rear camera and 0.3MP front camera. Video shooting in Duos 2 is surprisingly better than Core as it can capture HD video at 1280X720 pixels while Galaxy Core can shoot videos at 704X480 pixels. You may find yourself swayed towards Duos 2 if you like shooting a lot of videos with your phone. Duos 2 also has faster download speed at 21 Mbps as compared to the slow download speed in Galaxy Core at 7.2 Mbps. However, Core totally sweeps the points in the storage region. Galaxy Core offers much better internal and external storage than Duos 2. Galaxy Core has an internal memory of 8GB that can be expanded to 64GB through MicroSD card whereas Duos 2 only offers 4GB internal memory that can only be expanded to 32GB through the external MicroSD card.

The Final Verdict

There are not many differences in the features of both the smartphones but some of the differences mentioned above cannot be ignored as well. Galaxy Core has better RAM, better battery, larger screen, and more storage space but Duos 2 has better video quality, newer version of Android OS and it is also slightly cheaper than the Galaxy Core.

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