Moto E Specs & Features – Smartest Budget Android Phone

Are you looking for a smart android phone that will fall in your budget and offer you some of the best specifications that you can ask for? You must check out Motorola Moto E because it is an extremely good option that you have. Here, we will take a look at the main features and specifications and help you analyze what this model has to offer and whether it is a smart buy.

The Latest Android Version

There is a huge craze among people to use the latest version of the android operating system and when you choose to buy Motorola Moto E, you will be able to get the KitKat OS.

The Design and Style

When you are buying a phone, you will definitely be keeping an eye on the style factor. No one wants to buy a phone that is not impressive. As far as Motorola Moto E is concerned, you will not be disappointed with the style rating. The back cover has a rubber cladding and thus the grip which you will get on your phone is going to be perfect.

With a 4.3 inches screen, curved back and a compact form factor, you will find a sturdy design that is worthy of appreciation. The front part of the mobile makes use of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which is known to be the best glass panel that offers sturdy protection. There is an additional option of choosing a splash resistant coating which will protect your phone when it is raining.

The Phone Performance

Do not expect the phone to have exactly the same set of specifications as Moto G. Motorola did a smart thing by keeping the details different. This model is powered by 1.2 GHz processor and it has a RAM of 1 GB. For the price of this phone, you could not have asked for a better RAM and processor performance. There isn’t any lag on your phone and multitasking will be much easier.

The Camera Features

Now, this is one part where you are not going to be really impressed. The phone does not have any front facing camera which means you cannot avail the video call facility. Even the front camera isn’t as impressive as it ought to be. While it offers you a 5 MP camera, it has a fixed focus rather than auto focus. If you capture pictures in bright light, you will not be disappointed. However, if you try to take some shots in dark light, the quality is going to be dismal.

The Battery Rating

When it comes down to battery performance, you will get a decent output. Motorola Moto E comes with a battery rating of 1980 mAh and even with Wi-Fi usage, it is going to last long and thus you can continue your usage of the phone for long hours.

If you look at the features which the phone offers and then compare the price of the phone, you are sure to rate this model as one of the top pick. It is mainly geared to those who cannot afford a high-end budget phone. We had too many phones that cut down on the main features when offering a budget deal.

Motorola has gone the extra mile and it packs some of the smartest features along with the latest android operating system to give you the best of both worlds. Surely, there are features that could use some facelift, but at the price this phone comes at, you surely cannot ask for anything more. This phone is definitely a good budget deal that you must explore.

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