Apple TV vs Roku – A Review of Their Performances and Features

When you are looking to buy a streaming player, there are plenty of options to pick from.

However, if we talk about the best choices you have, the three main names that deserve a mention are

• Google Chromecast
• Apple TV
• Roku

Here, we will discuss about the key features, similarities and differences between Apple TV and Roku as they come at nearly the same price.

Apple TV – The Brilliance of the Brand and the Features

When you choose to buy Apple TV as the streaming player, you can be assured of the quality. Apple is the top name in the field of technology and thus Apple TV is not going to disappoint you. As far as the number of apps that are supported is concerned, you are probably going to yearn for more options.

While Apple TV does offer you considerable options, but as soon as you bring Roku into play, you will seriously be itching for more. One of the key services that Apple lacks is the Amazon services. While you can enjoy the content on Hulu Plus, YouTube and even HBO GO, Amazon continues to remain one of the top choices that will be missing.

However, the Airplay feature along with the ease with which you can play the content right from your iTunes library is a remarkable feature that turns the tides in favor of Apple TV.

Not only this, as far as the processor is concerned, you are going to be sincerely impressed by Apple TV. This product comes with 2 GHz single core processor, which will run smoothly and give you the right set of dividends.

The video playback is good at 1080p HDMI. When you are using Apple TV, you will be happy with the clarity of the pictures and most of all, the support service. The kind of support that the Apple team offers is not going to disappoint you.

What Makes Roku 3 A Good Choice?

Those who have used Roku are going to rate it very highly for the simple reason that it has delivered the right set of results. Not only does it come with a robust designing, but it is primarily known for the kind of variety it offers. You will get an unlimited number of channels and apps to pick from, which means that you are never going to run out of things to watch and enjoy.

Even the processor is smart as Roku 3 runs on 900 MHz dual core processor and comes equipped with a memory of 512 MB of RAM. You also have the option of using an external memory card for the sake of storing data.

The video resolution that is offered is exactly same as that offered by Apple TV and stands at 1080p HDMI.

The Price Factor

Often when two choices look to be equally lucrative, people tend to fall back on the price factor to make the final choice. However, as far as Apple TV and Roku 3 are concerned, the price is same for both. Apple TV is priced at $99 and Roku 3 comes at $99.99.

The features are nearly balanced and the price is similar. Hence, the final choice should be made based upon your preference. If you want to settle for a top brand and you are looking to choose top quality and brand reputation, Apple TV seems to be the smart choice at hand.

On the other hand, if you are looking for options, variety and different choices at hand, it is Roku 3 that may look to be the smarter choice for you.

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