Minecraft PS3 – Beginner Tips for Survival

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The best thing that can happen to any beginner gamer is to have a guide on how to play the game in question.

Having a Minecraft PS3 guide is a great way of knowing what to do to get ahead in the game as fast as possible.

The Beginner’s Guide

What to Do First In Minecraft on PS3

For any new Minecraft player, the first thing to do is to explore the surroundings without realizing that time is against them. The game only offers a short window of daylight to gather resources and craft tools to be able to build a shelter before nightfall. When you delay building a shelter, you will be doing it while at the same time trying to shelve from the arrow fire being thrown at you by skeletons.

To ensure you have a shelter at night, use the first five minutes of the game to gather as many resources as possible. Ideally, you should be going for wood, wool from sheep and meat from a pig or cow. Use the wood to craft a table and make a pickaxe with the remaining wood. You will use the axe to mine downwards (avoid digging downwards, instead dig one block steps). This will produce stones that can be used to build a hut. Your first shelter does not have to be that amazing. It just needs to shelter you from the enemies, who appear at night.

You can make torches from the coal and wood to keep enemies at bay. It is important to make a bed using the wood and wool you gathered. This allows you to sleep at night, which earns you a spawn point that comes in handy if you die.

Surviving the First Night in Minecraft PS3

When mining, collect a lot of dirt and stone. While you may be tempted to shed as much dirt and stone as possible to make way for other items, it is important to reserve at least a full slot of 64 blocks or stone or dirt and store it in your quick bar.

When confronted by enemies at night, use the dirt and stone to build blocks in front of you. Jump onto the block as you stack them together until you reach above a 1×1 stack of 30 blocks. This places you out of the enemy’s reach. You can build a 4×4 platform when you are up there to sleep through the night and earn points. When morning comes, you can simply destroy the pillar and use the pickaxe to get to the ground.

Ore Mining

When it comes to mining on Minecraft PS3, the further you dig downwards the better the rewards and the dangers are more risky. Coal is the very first resource you will mine and a few meters lower you will find iron. Gold, Lapis Lazuli, Redstone and Diamonds are found lower in the map (near the bedrock) in that order. More specifically, you will find these precious stones six blocks above the bedrock. Therefore, to be able to enjoy a bountiful mine, you ought to dig straight downwards until you reach the bedrock, then tunnel horizontally up to six blocks above the bedrock. Note that you will require strong pickaxes to mine for precious ores.

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