Minecraft Xbox One Is Almost Here

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For the longest time now, Minecraft fanatics have been waiting for the game’s release in the Xbox One version.

The developers have promised to let their fans know exactly when the game will be available in this new version.

Why Is It Taking Too Long For the Release to Be Announced?

In order for a game to be ready for release, the game has to undergo certification with Sony and Microsoft, before they are available for the consoles. This process can last for more than 14 days, which can move the release date to the 19th of August 2014.

The main concern about the actual release of the Minecraft Xbox One version is that it may not be the most recent version. This would lock out users who do not have an active internet connection to make updates.

The Features to Expect

The Minecraft Xbox One version is expected to support gaming worlds that are more than 30 times larger than the ordinary world in the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. This new version is also expected to support the transfer of worlds to the new versions while at the same time increasing the multiplayer sizes.

Players who own the PS3 version and the Xbox360 versions can easily upgrade to the Xbox One version for a fee. Also, the makers of this game have also hinted at the possibility of creating custom services that will enable console players to run persistent worlds.

Ideal for Xbox 360 Version Players

There is some good news for players who play Minecraft on the Xbox 360. According to rumors, it will be possible for Xbox 360 version players to continue with their game on the Xbox One. This is because it will be possible for the players to transfer their saved games from Xbox 360 to the Xbox One.

Also, the company behind the game is working to see how they can incorporate a ‘resize save’ options in the Xbox One version. This will make it possible for games to be transferred into the new version’s large size worlds.

The creators also announced the inclusion of a ‘cartoon texture pack’, which will be charged a minimal fee. This feature is also currently available for the existing versions of Minecraft.

Other Details about the Game

The Minecraft Xbox One version will be released and availed on the Xbox Live Marketplace, most probably in August. This game comes with a bigger world and a larger draw distance than what is in the Xbox 360 version.

For players who purchased their Minecraft Xbox 360 versions from Xbox Live Marketplace, or players who play the game online through a disc, it will be possible to upgrade to the Xbox One version for $4.99. This upgrade will be available for a year after the version is released.

If a player has saved their Xbox 360 game, it will be possible to transfer the development to the Xbox one. Unfortunately, it will only be possible to transfer from Xbox 360 to Xbox One, but not from Xbox One to Xbox 360.

Most of the DLC skins and textures purchased in the Xbox 360 versions can be used in the Xbox One version. The ones that cannot be transferred are because of licensing deals.

More information is being released on the Xbox One Minecraft edition as the days near to its release.



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