Mario Kart TV – Nintendo’s First Mobile App

Nintendo has finally made their way into the field of smart phone services as they have launched their first ever mobile application which has been termed as Mario Kart TV. Official news was released that confirmed the launch of this first ever mobile app by Nintendo.

The Key Features of the App

If you are wondering as to what Mario Kart TV is going to offer you, we will list the key details here.

This app will be available for use along with Wii U exclusive Mario Kart 8. Apart from this, Nintendo players will enjoy the provision of replaying and even sharing the videos and screenshots of their games with their friends. This is definitely an extremely addicting feature because at the end of the day, we all love to flaunt how cool we are at playing the different games.

Mario Kart TV comes with a flurry of other features as you can see how you fare against the rest of the world as well. You can also find the key strategies and major walk-through by Nintendo. You can also use this service from almost all devices that has internet access including the likes of PC, tablets and even most Smartphones.

Can This App Really Bring Good Fortune for Nintendo?

Of late, the profits of Nintendo have been suffering as it hasn’t been particularly impressive. There have been losses and it looks like Nintendo has been brainstorming and playing with the ideas to come up with things that could actually serve the right use and reap the right dividends for them.

The Mario Kart TV hasn’t been officially launched yet and it is expected to be released at the end of May. We will have to wait till then to see if the profits can push Nintendo up the success ladder yet again. There is going to be some really intense and stiff competition and Nintendo seems to be facing the heat.

With their brand new Smartphone app in the market, it is likely that there will be some movement in this sphere. It remains to be seen as to whether Nintendo will climb back to the top of the ladder or will the profits continue to tumble.

If you are a diehard gamer and you want to share your victory record with other friends and enjoy the accolades that you will get, now is the chance to make things work for you; you can make good use of this app. There are reports that state that this app will primarily be targeted towards the audience in Japan. However, it is going to spread further and this is going to bring in good returns for the company.

How Intense is the Competition?

The field of Smartphone apps is brimming with a lot of competition because there are too many choices that people have. One needs to make sure that they are doing their best in order to come up with the right kind of choices.
Nintendo understood the unending scope that one has in this field and this is perhaps the reason they have launched their first ever Smartphone app. It remains to be seen as to how they are going to fare in the times to come. While it is not fully confirmed, yet it is likely that the app will be formally launched on May 30th. Once it so happens, a large majority of Nintendo gamers are going to share their screenshots and enjoy the fun that it is sure to bring.

Nintendo is hopeful that this app might start the run of good times for them.

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