Flappy Bird – Flapping its Wings to the Top

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Flappy Bird is a free game that flapped its way to the top of the charts. The game play is dead simple but winning is horribly difficult. As quickly as it ascended the charts, the game was also removed equally quickly and suddenly in February 2014, due to several controversies. There were various tweets from angry and upset users.

Some of them even harassed and threatened Nguyen, the developer, for creating a game that was so addictive and difficult. Nguyen expressed that the game that he had created so simply within three days had ended up ruining his life. He was making more than $50,000 by way of ads through the game, at the peak of the game’s popularity.

Though the official game is no longer available for download, there are many clones of the game. What the player needed to understand in this game, is that he or she will die innumerable times during the game. It is impossible to get a high score, though you keep trying again and again. In spite of all these frustrating elements, people were still madly playing this game at one point of time.

How you will Die

The player will eventually die when he plays this game. When the bird nose-dives to the ground, you will die. You will also die when you go within the pipes with your beak first. If you touch the top of the pipes or the bottom, you are sure to die, as you need to fly through them without touching them in order to score a single point.

The player will thus die several times during the course of this game. He has to touch the screen and propel himself forward and upward. The maximum numbers of points you can possibly earn are about five, though there are some who have earned more. The game is a little easier when you play it on a bigger tablet of ten inches.

Ads in the Game

The game does not have an ad free version, so you have to tolerate the ads in the game. Yet, the ads are not too intrusive to the gameplay.

Addictive and Frustrating

The game involves the player to tap furiously on the screen, in an attempt to keep the bird high and make it pass through tubes. The game is very sensitive to the touch, so a round typically lasts only for a few seconds before the bird crashes down to death. There are many players who have admitted that they had played the game for hours in order to reach a high score.

The player had the sense of facing a difficult challenge and became engrossed and even obsessed with the game, making it a must have game. However, it did not offer the perfect balance of challenge and success. It became too hard for the player to succeed and this resulted in anger and frustration.

A Long Awaited Return

Fans have been plaguing the developer for the return of the game. Though the developer was hesitant to bring back the Flappy Bird in the beginning, he later confirmed that the game would eventually be re-launched. The revised version of the game would be improved in many aspects.

The rumors say that Flappy Bird will, in all probability, come back again sometime in August 2014. The creator, Dong Nguyen has stated that the details of the game will be somewhat different from the previous version. The new game will come in a multiplayer mode. It will also not be as addictive as the previous version. The game play might be different from the original version as well.

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