iPhone 6 : Specifications and Its New Concept

Apple plans to launch it next iPhone model this year and the concept video has already made waves in the markets and among iPhone enthusiasts.

The company is expected to launch two iPhone 6 models, one out of which will have a screen larger than their predecessors. The video features its designer Arthur Reis imagining an iPhone model with a 4.5 inch strangely curved and protruding sapphire display which will be quite different from any flexible display designs from LG or Samsung.

Here is a sneak peek into iPhone 6: specs and its new concept.

Design and Display

Besides a flexible display, the iPhone 6 will have iPhone 5c like curved edges and corners on its body, Touch ID fingerprint scanner and an iPod nano like build quality.

As per Chinese iPhone analyst Sun Chyang, the iPhone is expected to be launched in both 4.7 inch and 5.7 inch model. There are similar reports from the Wall Street Journal which say that besides a 4.5 inch model, there will also be a larger model. KDB Daewoo securities, a South Korean Investment company claims the iPhone 6 to have a full HD 1920X1080 pixels in the 4.7 inch display and 2K QHD resolution at 2272X1280 pixels in the larger version.

As far as the design is considered, expect a non-existent bezel, premium build materials and an ultra thin chassis which can be the thinnest that the markets have ever seen.


Both the handsets are expected to continue with 1GB RAM like their predecessors, have an A8 processor and feature TouchID. You may get the usual storage flavours viz. 16, 32 and 64 GB although it will be no surprise if we get to see a 128 GB version.


Sources suggest that iPhone 6 battery will be a larger one with a capacity between 1700 mAH to 2000 mAH, 1700 mAH being the more likely choice. It will be a welcome change from iPhone 5S 1570 mAH battery. Apple also seems to have changed the connector pins which suggests that some layout of the internal components has undergone major re-jig. The new design and larger size could have caused such a reshuffle.


iPhone 6 will have an improved imaging quality by addition of OIS or Optical Image Stabilisation to the already existing iPhone 5S camera. This reveals that Apple may give less priority to mega-pixels in iPhone 6. Reports that US Patent & Trademark Office has received a patent from Apple for an improved autofocus technology make the news of iPhone 6 featuring “Voice Coil Motor Actuators” believable.

WiFi, Biometric Scanners and more

If reports from Timothy Arcuri, a US analyst are to be believed, iPhone 6 will have an improved WiFi 802.11 ac. He also reported about Apple’s broader feature set revealing the possibility of updates to iOS 8 which will focus on features such as iBeacon, Passbook and Touch ID.

The launch of iPhone 5S brought in features such as Touch ID fingerprint scanner which gained mixed reactions from users. This feature is likely to be taken to a higher pedestal in iPhone 6 through the facial recognition feature. Apple has secured a facial recognition patent which is likely to be deployed in iPhone 6.

Apple is preparing for the biggest iPhone launch ever. Foxconn, Apple’s manufacturer is expected to land up in a contract to make 90 million units for 2014 alone. iPhone 6 is expected to be launched by June or else in Q3 of 2014. Whatever be the release date, things are going to be interesting!

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