Free Antivirus – Download AVG Antivirus Scanner for Windows Phone 7

AVG has been one of the most trusted names in computer security and they have now spread to the smartphone market as well.

They have launched an entire line of products for the smartphone users who want to protect their phones and tablets from virus and malware threats. They have been offering products for Android for a while. However, they have only recently forayed into the Windows Phone market. They now have an actual Virus Scanner for the Windows Phone 7.

What Does the Scanner Do?

This security suite from AVG, which is totally free of cost, offers complete security for Windows Phone. With just one click, you can install this app and keep your device safe. The safe browsing option in the scanner alerts you if you stumble upon a phishing website, or a potentially suspicious website that could install any harmful malware on your phone. The app also has a safe search option that allows you to search the web, without getting any malicious web sites in your web results. You can also use the scanner to scan all your downloaded files so that you can be alerted if there is a virus attack. It prevents you from downloading malicious software and malware.

How good is the App?

AVG’s scanner, despite being a completely free antivirus product, has great functionality. It not only detects any virus attacks, it also checks for any vulnerabilities in your system so that it can warn you in time. The scan itself is very fast and does not take up a lot of battery. Even with Windows Phone’s compartmentalized operating system, AVG works great. Some critics have said that since the operating system is highly compartmentalized, it is able to defend itself from a lot of threats. However, they do admit that the phone is not completely foolproof, and there is still a real danger of getting infected. There is a lot of side loading of files – usually XAP files, which may be potentially harmful and therefore give rise to concern.


For a free antivirus app, AVG’s virus scanner is definitely not bad. The app keeps connected to the internet and can automatically download updates to keep its virus signature database updated. The safe search and safe browsing options on the app definitely save you a lot of headache if you are among those who surf the net all day on their smartphone. The app is also surprisingly small and takes up only 5 MB of space, which should only serve as a further encouragement to download the app. Though Windows Phone 7 is still relatively less used as compared to iOS and Android devices, it is still vulnerable to threats. Despite the fact that many critics feel that this phone is extremely safe and there are almost no known threats to it, it is always useful to be safe, especially where your private information and an expensive smartphone are concerned.

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