Fallout 4 – 3 Top Features To Expect and 3 Rumors That Might be Wrong

Fallout 4 is a very expected game, and many rumors circulated on the internet in the last weeks, and most of them seemed to be wrong. However, this did not stop the fans from following new rumors, hoping that some of the rumors will include something they would like to see in this game.

The action in Bethesda’s Fallout game is rumored to be set in Boston, Massachusetts, and has many fans that are waiting anxiously for it.

Here are 3 features which most of the fans would like to see in Fallout 4:

Transport vehicles

The Fallout series did not have vehicles, so most of the fans are waiting to see if they will finally see transport vehicles in this game, since they will surely come in handy.

Multiplayer mode

Multiplayer mode will always “attract” more players to a game, so if Bethesda will bring this mode to Fallout 4, this will surely be a great gain.

Harder difficulty

Many “hardcore” players complained that the game does not give them a real “challenge”, and they can finish the game easily.

Here are 3 rumors that will most likely be wrong:


Many rumors are saying that Fallout will allow modding on consoles, a feature which is, for now, exclusively for PC. However, this most likely is not going to happen since consoles do not offer so much “freedom” as PCs do.

Xbox exclusive

In concordance with NeoGaf user, Bethesda and Microsoft had some discussions about making Fallout for exclusively for Xbox. We don’t think that’s a good idea, and we’re sure Bethesda will not like this idea, since this will make them lose many Fallout fans.

The ability to build your sanctuary

Rumors say that players will be able to build their own sanctuary in Fallout 4. Fallout’s action is set in an apocalypse world, and allows players to build a sanctuary that will somehow “deviate” from what this game stands for.


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