iPad Air Vs iPad Mini – Specs, Features & Price Comparison

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Sometimes, it can be tough to decide between two tablets and more so, if you can get similar features. Here, we will review iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina Display to help you come to the right conclusion.

Before comparing the main differences between the two models, we will first look at the points of similarities that exist between these two models.

The Similar Features

Both the models feature high quality Retina Display that is in vogue. This infers that the clarity of pictures and the sharper and crisper display will be nearly the same for both the models. Further, both of them run on A7 processor which means that the performance output of both tablets by Apple is nearly similar. Further, if you want to have a cellular tablet, both iPad Air and iPad Mini offers this support.

The storage capacity of these two models is up to 128 GB. Thus, too many features are similar. This makes it difficult to choose one from the other. However, there are points of dissimilarities as well.

The Points of Difference

When it comes to the conflicting points, the display size is definitely to be considered. While the iPad Air measures 9.7 inches, the iPad Mini is handier with 7.9 inch screen size. Those who prefer a handy size which isn’t too big are likely to stick with retina mini. However, if you want the lightest, thinnest and the smartest iPad, it is the iPad Air that seems to be the right pick.

The display and processor are nearly same, yet, you will definitely find the iPad Air to have a slightly upper edge. There is a little bit of difference between the two models. iPad Air has a slightly faster A7 processor and even the display is just a little better than what iPad Mini has to offer. It might not be possible for you to trace the difference in display when you are using it. However, upon minor and close observation, you will be able to track the changes.

The Price Factor

As far as the price is concerned, there is a difference of $100 between the two. While iPad Air is definitely the smartest launch by Apple as far as the tablets are concerned, but it seems likely that people are going to think twice before they spend an additional hundred dollars for slightly better specifications.

Though the reviews for iPad Air have been extremely promising and it does represent Apple’s smartest talents yet, the iPad Mini seems to be winning hearts with its smarter price. If you do not care about your budget, feel free to pick iPad Air because it definitely has an edge over the iPad Mini. However, if you want a budget deal and you are looking to get the most out of your money, the iPad Mini is going to give you exactly what you are looking for. The choice is yours. What would you prefer?

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