Top Google Chrome Extensions You Can Download for Free

One great thing about Google Chrome, and many other applications and programs created by Google, is that they are very customizable.

You can tweak it here and there, so that you get just the right browser that exactly fits your personality, lifestyle, and everyday needs. Yes, that is because our computers have moved from being just machines that people use when they are on work mode to a tool that enhances living and helps create greater productivity. And because different people approach browsing the web differently, there are various extensions that will fit various needs. Here are some of the most helpful Google Chrome extensions that you can download for absolutely free.

Search and Replace

Many of us no longer open Microsoft Word to edit or write documents. Many of us simply use our web browsers to do that. This is much more time efficient, since Google also has an application called Google Drive, where you can write and edit documents online and have everything saved to your Google Drive account right away.

For those moments when you want to make sure that whatever you have written has no spelling errors, mistyped names, and others, you can simply use the Search and Replace extension to search for specific keywords and replace them with correct ones. It works just as simply as the Find and Replace function of Microsoft Word.

Adblock Plus

Don’t ever want to be bothered by advertisements when you are browsing the Internet? Then this extension is just the right one for you. You can customize it and set your preferences so that you get to choose whether to block all ads and what kinds of ads you wish to see.

So say good-bye to moments of annoyance by unwanted ads while still maintaining your support to websites and their ads that you like and follow.

Google Dictionary

Have you ever encountered a word that you just had to know the meaning of but do not? You no longer have to get paranoid when you cross paths with a difficult or strange word.

If you have the Google Dictionary extension, all you have to do is double-click the word that is unfamiliar to you, and a balloon will appear right next to it with the definition of the word as well as its correct pronunciation. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Also, if you want to have more definitions of the word, you can click the extension icon at the top right corner of your browser and then type the word and scroll down to read more. If you are still not satisfied, you will be given a link to other websites with the definition of the word you are interested in.


What most people tell us is that we should use a similar password for all our online accounts, if we want to make logging in a lot easier. But if you are just not a follower of the norm and you have a completely different password for every single account that you have created, then this extension might come in handy.
LastPass will organize, store, and sync your passwords so that you will no longer have to do the remembering. It will do that for you.

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