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Everyone owns a smart phone these days and WhatsApp is pretty much a default application that is installed on almost all devices but what about tablets with no 3G module? WhatsApp’s application actually not limited to smart phones and it can be installed on Android devices that do not have a sim card slot. The installation process is quite simple and in just a few easy steps, the application can be installed on any tablet.

The first step is to get the installation package. Fortunately, the WhatsApp website offers a download link that does not require access to Google’s PlayStore.

Part 1: How To Download

  1. The package can be found here (
  2. Save the file anywhere on the tablet. The link can be used directly on the tablet device.
  3. If the link is opened and the file is downloaded on another device, it will need to be transferred onto the tablet. This can be done by sending the package over email or transferring it via a memory card or data cable.

Part 2: Preparing The Tablet

By default, Android OS likes its apps to be installed via the PlayStore but that can be changed via the settings menu. Depending on the Android version or the OS customization by the manufacturer, the setting can be found in one of two places:

Option 1:

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Go to “Security”
  3. Go to the Device Administration section
  4. Tap and check “Unknown Sources”

Option 2:

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Go to Application
  3. Tap and check “Unknown Sources”

Part 3: Installation And Configuration:

Once the above settings have been done, the device is ready for the installation.

  1. Go to the file manager and browse to the location of the WhatsApp installation package that was copied earlier
  2. Tap on the installation package and allow it to install
  3. Open the application and tap on “Agree and continue”
  4. A message will appear stating that tablets are not yet supported. Just ignore the message and tap OK
  5. The next screen will ask for a phone number and country of residence. It is important to specify a phone number that is in use and preferably, have that phone close by as it will be needed.
  6. Once filled in, WhatsApp will try to send an SMS to verify the number but it will fail since there is no 3G module.
  7. Once the SMS verification fails, WhatsApp offers the option to do a verification over a phone call so go right ahead and hit “Call me”
  8. A machine will communicate a 6 digit number over the phone. Input that in the field above the “Call me” button.
  9. Once done, filling the profile information and the set-up is done. Now the application should work perfectly on a tablet with no 3G or sim card slot.

This installation method can be extremely useful especially when travelling as making phone calls is much more expensive. It enables the tablet to be used as a communication device using wi-fi networks that can be found in hotels, airports and many other places. There are plenty more situations in which this type of installation can be useful and WhatsApp as king enough to provide the APK file directly on their website.

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