Subway Surfers vs Temple Run – Which is Better?

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There has always been a debate among people as to which is a better game – Temple Run or Subway Surfers.

Both these games share some similarities, but overall there is a great deal of difference between the two. The main similarity between the games lies in the theme. Both the games revolve around collecting coins and the overall concept is the same.

We will analyze both the similarities and the dissimilarities such that we can come to our own judgment regarding which game seems to be the better choice for playing.

The Theme of the Game

Both Subway Surfers and Temple Run operate on the same theme – stealing coins. You have to run through the tracks (in case of Subway Surfers), the mountains and valleys (in the case of Temple Run). When you are running, you will find various obstacles and you will have to carefully dodge all of them so that you can collect more coins and score higher.

There is some similarity in the power-ups that you get too. Both the games have the magnet options which will automatically collect all coins for the duration the power up is activated. Further, you have the option of getting an extra life by either using keys (Subway Surfers) or the gems (Temple Run). Hence, it is natural for gamers to compare these two games because they seem to have the same concept designed in a different way.

The Points of Dissimilarity

The interface is entirely different. Subway Surfers has a colorful interface and Temple Run 2 has a more engaging look. The interface and visualization of both games are entirely different and they cannot be compared. The sound effects are distinct too, but it is hard to pinpoint as to which one is better.

Both the games have done phenomenal work as gamers have downloaded both these games. Despite the fact that they have similar traits, gamers love to play both of them. This is why it is extremely hard to pinpoint as to which one is the superior choice.

The answer will be extremely subjective because it entirely depends upon your choice and preference. Both these games are available for free download and if you want to get the answer, you can download both and then play a round or two. After you have played the games, you will know the one that you will prefer.

As far as the reviews are concerned, both the games have managed to receive some of the finest reviews. Subway Surfers has been exploring new adventures. If you are looking for a happy interface that is bustling with colors, you are much more likely efficiently designed and it keeps adding regular updates as it takes you to different places for to enjoy Subway Surfers.

You do not have to spend a dime for the game. However, if you are hungry to score more, you can always find some really great deals and buy keys, upgrade the characters and do a lot more. It is no surprise that it used to be a top trending game in the app store.

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