Line – All You Need to Know about the Interface and How to Use This App

In the present day, free instant messaging apps are being developed with the ability to offer users a mixture of social, text, as well as voice options.

LINE happens to be amongst the many available free to call and text applications. This application can only be used by LINE to LINE users. It currently has more than 350 million users and it is an app that can be used in any part of the world. In most countries, LINE is ranked as the top app in terms of downloads from Google play store. It is also a cross-platform application, meaning it can be used on different operating systems.

The LINE Interface

Despite the numerous features offered on LINE, the application’s interface remains quite user friendly. The homepage of this app clearly indicates that it is a social messaging application. This is made evident with the wide usage of sections for timeline, chats and friends, among many others. This app also has a ‘more’ section where users can play different games, find the settings tab and the LINE camera as well as a sticker shop. Once any of these icons is clicked, users are redirected to app stores where they can make downloads.

LINE also comes with a profile page where the user can include an image and user name. There is also the cover photo option where the cover photo is automatically added by the app. The cover photo feature is only available on Facebook and this makes LINE rank higher than most of its competitors in terms of the features.

On the interface, users can add friends, using the ‘add friends’ icon on the upper right side of the homepage. This feature also allows the user to send out requests to their contacts inviting them to join LINE.

LINE also comes with a QR code reader feature and the shake it feature. The app comes with a friends section which syncs with your phone contacts using LINE. The friends section also has pop-up actions that prompt calling other LINE users and sending chats.

The app also comes with a timeline section which highlights posts by friends and also allows the user to create and share their posts.

There is also the messaging icon which comes with features that make it possible for users to share audio clips, videos and images with their contacts on LINE. It is also possible to share contact information and locations on LINE.

Using LINE app

For anyone to be able to use LINE, they are expected to register their mobile number with LINE. The signup process includes a verification procedure. Once completed, the user is expected to agree with the terms of service before they are able to the app.

The friends section also comes with a favorite icon where you can add your favorite contacts. Once you have added friends, you can immediately start calling and texting them for free.

To be able to use LINE for free, one is required to have an internet access plan for their mobile phone or to have Wi-Fi connectivity. Calls are clearer on Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G network.

LINE offers the complete package in terms of ability to call and text family and friends on LINE. It being a cross platform app, there are no restrictions when it comes to communication.

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