Minecraft Released for Xbox One and PS4 in August

Even if 4J Studios and Mojang didn’t give us a Minecraft release date yet for the new-generation consoles Xbox One and PS4, but we can see clearly in Walmart’s shop that you can pre-order Minecraft for Xbox One, which is “to be released in August of 2014”.

Minecraft was inspired by the Infiniminer video game, where the player has to navigate and interact with a map made from blocks. Minecraft also has creatures, plans and a lot of items which can be crafted.

The player will have to mine ore or other kinds of resources, in order to craft new tools or new items, or to be able to mine new resources. He will have to fight against monsters and create structures on his map.

In Minecraft, the goal is to reach the end of the game by killing the Ender Dragon.

The user can control the Minecraft player and when the game starts, he will be spawned in a world. He might have or might not have some stuff to start with, that’s pure luck. Your health bar will have 10 hearts which can be lost by falls, fire, drowning, suffocation, lava or by being hit by monsters.

You can restore your health by taking armor or eating food or if you have the “Peaceful” difficulty set and your life shortens if you are hungry.

Minecraft is published by Mojang release date is yet unknown for the new-generation consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but it’s rumored to be somewhere in August.

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